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What does a career in Public Relations involve?

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I'm currently in marketing but am considering looking into PR for my next job to gain some practical experience before graduating from college.


What does PR involve? Is it a highly stressful career area? Is it low-paying? Do you merely need to have excellent writing skills? Do you need to be super extroverted?


Any info would be most appreciated.

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Before my current job in the healthcare field, I was a publicist for a racetrack on the east coast. My job entailed writing press releases about upcoming races, horses, jockeys, trainers, races that had been run etc. I enjoyed it immensely because I love to write. I got out of it because it was hard to 'produce' on the spot on a near daily basis. I discovered writing was something that I did not want to do for a job. Plus after seeing one of my pieces appear in a newspaper without my byline was a little off-putting


I am not super extroverted at all (I am introverted) so it was tough at times getting interviews of really busy people (I am sensitive too) and any sort of rejection wasn't for me.


I was stressed only when I had writers block.


You should be a good writer and have knowledge about what you're writing about and the organization that you're writing for.


I got my job because I was a 'dictionary' when it came to horse racing, I had worked as a stable hand in the barn area for years so everyone knew me or my face, I was fully schooled to the game of horse racing and I knew all the horses (their breeding, their win/loss records etc.), trainers and jockeys---and other pertinent info.


I am paid more money now in the healthcare field and I write for 'me' now--on my own terms

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