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umm.. need some thoughts, ASAP

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Not sure where to post this but I've been hanging out with this girl a few times, was really starting to like her; actually have a date with her this weekend. Well I was at the bar a few days ago and as the bar was closing someone handed me her phone (I can't remember who cause I was extremely intoxicated). Anyways, didn't know it was hers and as I was going through it to find out who's it was lets just say I saw some pictures that maybe I shouldn't have seen.


I was thinking that this girl was someone I wanted to be in a relationship with but now I jsut don't know. I'm soo confused if I should go forward with the date anymore. I think she may be a little to "freaky" for me, you know? Nobody's perfect I know but I guess I'm a little more conservative....


What would you guys do?

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