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Omg You Wont Believe It!!!


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well I am totally in shock...so I posted earlier somewhere that I rung my ex today and it went ok it was about his daughter and stuff.....WELL


Im sitting in the lounge watching a movie cause I just couldnt sleep when my EX CALLS me at 2 am...he is like I really miss you etc do you want to come over, Im like no....


But you know what really craps me off, Hes like you know I wish we could get back together but Ive told people too much.. LOL and then he is like you shouldnt of done what you did etc and blamed me for the most part, I was like whatever, and I played that Im all happy etc and hes like I dont believe that.


So the ex DID contact me and asked me to see him tomorrow night, I told him Id see how I felt...............


well he can DREAM ON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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hi shadow... you had been in a lot of pain and survived to say you are now "in control" over everything that you want in you life...


And to say you have ignored your exs and put them thru, maybe, to what pain you have been thru...


Im just thinking what if my ex is just like you now... You know my story... what if i am really sorry and in all honesty and in heaven's name... I want us back...


what can make you go down and see if its worth having your ex back again with you? What if in the end you finally know who you want to grow old with but realized you have ignored him because you thoguht you know what you want and became so strong and so in control?


I don't nean to offend you or whatever negative perception this post may bring... But I am just totally lost and I don't know how long will my silence (no contact so to speak) would go on to make me realize my ex is really not coming back...


Shadow i just want to hear it from a strong woman as well.. just like my ex.. thanks...

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Well I did take my ex husband back...we broke up for about 6 months mutually and in that time had counselling and dont get me wrong, I loved him to death, but we exhausted every avenue, it wouldnt work, he had other issuesto deal with... but that aside


My current ex who called me is very different and I still love him dont get me wrong their either. But good god you have no idea obviously cause your not me, what I went through. And you see if he got counselling etc of course I might give him a chance ( trust me the man needs more than that )...


But even though he called and said he missed me and wants to see me, he still hasnt learnt a damn thing. He still take no responsibility at all....so why would I go back to someone who doesnt want me, who puts me down, who tells me to f** off when they get stressed, who cheated on me and then went and told everyone Im the psycho...the list is endless PLUS he punched his daughter in the face OMG I havce two children, I cant let my emotions rule me in this, I have to think logically and most importantly my children come first and this is NO man to be around when you have children...


As for how long you wait....my friend yes it is a very very painful process and I have my days thats for sure.....but you see you dont sit around and wait, you cant do that. You have to try and let it go, to move on and to try and not let them consume your every thought and action. And its hard, its bloody hard but its the only way you can survive without going insane.


hey, Im not that strong hun and its been a long road, its only been 5 weeks for me. But I make myself feel a certain way, when I feel low I talk myself out of it...you can choose your feelings even if you think you cant.


I cant really say anything about your partner taking you back, as hun I dont know how she feels. But I can tell you, so what if she hears about you, good on her, woo hooo, make it worthwhile. Hold that head high and strut your stuff, let her know that your not going to put up with being messed around and that you dont deserve it.


You dont have to wait for her, you can let go now...and if 1 month or 1 year she comes back asking for another chance, you will know what to do and who knows, you might find that your with some smart, sassy, fabulous chick who worships the ground you walk on...now isnt that something to think about and look forward too...


Be strong, no contact, hold your head high, refuse to feel this way, grieve, let go and them move past it. You will have your down days, but dont let how she treated you affect your life, she doesnt deserve to take that away from you.



For me, I would love to be snuggling with my ex, but you see I DONT have the choice. I Love him, heck Id love to give him another chance because I think people can change for the better ( not always ) but the option isnt there for me. I have two other lives I have to put first, so my dear friend, dont think isnt hard on me, with that choice taken away from me it is damn damn hard.


Big hugs, strut your stuff and show us that super duper smile



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Thanks shadow... your posts are so meaningful to me... i "will" walk through all this... I know i can... its just hard for me as I feel tired of trial and error with a new baby... I just want to settle down and have a happy family..


but anyway... Im trying to read most of your posts and trying to absorb them as much as I can and as much as I feel it will help me more...


Hey Superdave's posts are good too...thanks to this website...

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