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i have no clue about what i should do

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brace yourself. Well here i go.At the end of the school year i suddenly some how got attracted to a friend of mind.Ive know her since kindergarten and i had liked her once in the past and told her these fellings but the feeling werent shared . But it seems ive fallen in love with her again and i dont know what to do theres an ok chance that she likes me everytime i see her she gives me a smile.And u dont know what signs are of friendship and what are of admirror.I love her like i have no girl before. When i think of her my heart cries out.She is so beautiful has such a great personalitty.And i wonder will i ever be able to havr that amazing beautiful girl.I mean its a weird feeling like possibly true love.But then again i think who am i to have such a lovley girl.I fear asking her becouse were friends and i dont want to destroy that but at the same time i love her more than i have any1 else.I mean what are the signs that she likes me?What should i do i cant ask her.What can i do to get her.Im doing everything to try and impress her but she doesnt even blink twice at that.If you were to see her youd see what i was talking about.


well sorry for taking up so much of your time.





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Hi mysteryman,


I hate to tell you this but she probably just thinks of you as a close friend. You could ask her but she probably has not changed her mind and it may not help your friendship. Does she have a boyfriend?


Currently, I have a really good friend who is a girl. She gives me great big smiles when we meet but she has a boyfriend and is very committed to her relationship. We have many common interests and enjoy just being friends.


Several other girls like me, one in particular, so I am going to see how that works out. I know from experience that it is hard to get over a crush on someone you care deeply about.

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