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Me and my bf are trying to work things out right now...but I don't know if he can change... he states that he loves me BUT how come I get the sense that he doesn't care for me. In the past I've dealt with experiences such as him seeing his ex, girls calling him from work just wanting to talk, girls having crushes on him or texting him, I trust him enough to know that he has not acted on any of those girls but it just hurts me to know that he has let them into his life... now these occurrences happened maybe 8 months or more ago but I can't let go of them...in the back of my head I am so worried plus the fact that when we do hang out I am the one who has to spark up the conversion, I am the one who is interested in his life...he never has any interest in me (doesnt ask about my day or whatever), but he still chases after me and wants me? Its just killing me inside knowing that I care so much for him and I can't seem to let go...I don't know whats wrong...

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Okay, maybe, he's a fraid of comitment. You said you trust him not to do things wiht other girls, if thats so then why do you worry? Now, abouthim not caring for you, he could just be afraid that if he gets to attached you'll hurt him. I really think you need to tlka to him abotu this though. Kepp on trucking!

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