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I love one girl....But do I?

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Ok most of you had arleady read all my posts about a girl that i liked that has a boyfriend but now i need to update it all. Well the girl (brandy) broke up with her snob boyfriend and right now im going out with her, But yet at the same time im on the swim team and there is a girl (jenna) that im starting to really like and i think about her more than me and brandy. But yet I have no idea if she likes me at all the only things she does around me is laugh when i tell her a joke or somthin and on the bus we just sit in the back together and talk so i have no clue if she likes me....



What im asking is should i stay with this girl that im going out with now, or should i try an go out with the other girl on my swim team and if so how could i get her to notice and start to like me (she has no boyfriend unlike the other girl)


Thanks you



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it doesnt really seem like you like your girlfriend as much as you did when she was going out with the other guy. you'd have to look about how you feel about your girlfriend before you decide to leave her and go for somebody else. i don't really know what to tell you about the other girl, she seems like she might like you, but also she could just be one of those type of girls that is really flirtatious and doesnt know it. either way, good luck.




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