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love or obsession?


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there is a guy in my life who when i see just makes me feel so happy i can't stop smiling.

we aren't together anyomre. we had a holiday romance and then managed to keep in contact for the next 2 years, i t all got a little hard so we decided to stay in contact but just as friends.

we have only spent a few days at a time together.

we still email each other lots.everytime i see him, think about him, speak to him or see a photo of him i get this amazing strong feeling inside. it's not a feeling of "oh he's just so hot" it feels genuine.

he is coming ot see me next week and i am so nervous, we are supposed to be just friends and i love him as a friend also so i am ok with that but i am trying to work out what these feelings mean!

am i just obsessing with what was, or are my instincts right? am i in love with this man?

how can i tell the 2 apart?

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I am happy for you!


My feelings on love:


You have great chemistry--you get lost in your conversations, the hours fly by, like they were minutes, instead of hours. You really listen to each other.


You find him/her--so beautiful/handsome even with just jeans and a T


You see a future together--you feel your life would be totally empty without her/him


You want to spend time with him/her---with sex or without. You just want to be with them




Making love--being in love


Good luck to you both! Hugs!

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The best type of love~



Long lasting

Think about the person all the time

Being there for the person

Felt for only one person







A promise






Can talk about anything

Give and take relationship

Live together




Best friends

There through good and bad times


Let us know how it goes, best wishes and the biggest hug in the universe to you! Keep smiling and believing in love.

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