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i had this dream...

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I dreamt with this guy, that i've seen around school, who I think is cute..., He was trying to hit on me, and kiss me, and i honestly felt the urge to reciprocate, you would think it was ok, but I have a boyfriend...

the dream felt really real, I felt really bad for feeling these things and pushed the guy away (which was REALLY hard), and walked away.


In the dream, I told my boyfriend what had occurred and I saw him there really upset, and now i feel really bad, (even though it was all a dream), because i dont know what to think...


I love my boyfriend, but this dream really disconcerted me, because i felt this really strong attraction to this other guy and it was really hard to push him away.

Does this mean I don't love my boyfriend as much as I thought?

I don't think I would ever cheat on him, because I love him so much, and I would never want to hurt him, but what does this all mean? Does it mean that i actually I'm attracted to this guy in real life? i mean before i just thought he was cute, like something to look at, but nothing like this...

and now i feel like i shouldn't be looking in the first place...

I'm so confused.. i really don't know what to think...

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funnily enough I was going to ask why I felt guilty for something i did in a dream, when it was out of my control.

Although I didnt know the person in my dream, and I didnt want it to happen but he was always there.. and I have felt guilty for days..


But I don't think it has anything to do with how much you love your boyfriend or whether or not you will cheat.

We all dream of people we know, people we don't know. We dream of things we enjoy doing and doing things we hate.. we dream of things we love and things we are scared off..


Does it mean that i actually I'm attracted to this guy in real life?

Do you feel attracted to him? if not, then no it doesnt mean you are attracted to him. I think you are looking to far into this, it's a dream, nothing more, nothing less.. and unless you start feeling these things during your awake hours I don't think you have anything to worry about

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I know.. i shouldn't feel guilty, it was just the how bad it was for me to say no to the guy because i really wanted to say yes... but then i thought of my boyfriend and said no..

and yeah you're right, dreams are just dreams, and today I saw him and I didn't feel that 'crazy attraction' i felt in the dream, which made me feel better =)

and i do tend to think too much about things

thanks again =p

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If I were you (nini2000) I wouldn't read things into my dreams. They mean nothing, they are just a random hodge-podge of subconscious ideas that have been stored in your mind melded into a story which seems real. In a few days you'll be over it, I'd say. The dream has created the feeling of lust and curiosity, but this will die in a day or two, rather like the way that joke you laughed at when you first heard, you don't laugh at any more.


You definitely shouldn't feel guilt over it, or take it as a sign ("Red Flag"?).


Come back to us in a week and let us know if the dream is still bothering you.


Think of any other random dream you had. When you woke up, did you try to read meaning into it and apply it to your life? Of course not, so why do it to this one?

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