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Last night my ex-husband and daughter met me for dinner. It was really a nice time and not uncomfortable at all. It was dutch. I guess he and I can be friends unless he's coming around. He did give an angry vibe when I mentioned getting back together, so he's still mad about a lot of things. I can't help but mention something about reuniting everytime I see him and I really try not to. He has said that he doesn't want to get back together, at least not right now. It was one of the first times out that the waitress didn't ask if we wanted separate checks. That happened all the time when we were married. It was so nice to spend time that way. Do you think he's coming around, or just being nice and letting me see our daughter?

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I don't think anyone can really answer that question. But I do think that you keeping on asking is hurting your efforts. You can control this and should. Stop asking.


If you want him to get back together, then make him feel how he would need to feel for that to happen.

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Well I thought a guy might be able to give me a male perspective. It's unusual to see an ex (IMO) let alone go to dinner, right? I really am an open book and have a hard time keeping things to myself. At any rate it was a nice evening and I was kind of surprised it went so smoothly.

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