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Help is needed


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I do need some advice or opinions please..


I have been dating my boyfriend now for about 6 months. Things were going so good at first and now it has changed and I understand it always does after a certain period of time of getting to know someone. He is nice to me and treats me and stays with me alot.. Now here is the problem and im going to explain both sides so it is not just one sided.


We argue alot now he has lied to me about thing's which he considers small lies but a lie is a lie which has called me to lose trust in him and become insecure about thing's and question him about how he really feels about it. We get along and next thing we are arguin. He also drinks not alot well I would say enough and he turns into a totaly diff person then if he was sober... He becomes rude to me and says thing's he dont even remember the next day


I have told him many times about this and since he is always here with me when he wants to go out with his friends one night ok fine so be it go out and have fun that does not bother me the thing that bothers me is the fact that he has lied to me and I cant trust what he is doing out there when he is out. He gets so drunk he does not remember the next day and I know this because I have seen it numerous times..


He is very nice to me when sober we are like a couple should be but I do question him and he does not like that very much. I dont know what to do anymore I know we have not been together that long but when he is sober or if he is even acting he is the type of person I have been looking for but I dont know if I should trust that or not I dont know if I go by how he treats me when he is sober or how he treats me when he is drunk and rude to me?


I do know that questioning someone can get annoying but it is something that I cannot help I have talk to him about this over and over and he tells me it was a small lie he would never cheat or do anything to hurt me but Im not so sure I believe that and the reason I am coming here is because im sure someone else has been here in this situation and can help me??


I dont want to break up with him because he is a good person but I dont want to feel like I do inside and keep acting the way I am towards him when he wants to go out with his friends and have a good time. He also told me the truth about his past when we first met and it has alot to do with that as well I am thinking. He told me that he use to sleep around and leave girls not call them but it's diff with me. He told me he was hurt then and that's what helped him.


What would you do if you were in this situation can someone help me out please or give me there advice or opinions ??I am so stuck and unsure of what I should do thanks so much in advance

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Another thing that bothers me if u are curious about the lie was about some girl that he considers just a friend texts him all hours of the night hey baby! She moved away but he told me that he use to like her but didn't want to ruin there friendship but they talk to eachother as if it was me and him talking in that way and I find that disrespectful is it just me??

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People do change when the honeymoon period of a relationship has finished but it could be something else. He may have work/money/family worries that are affecting him.


As for the 2nd point, friends don't always accept the fact that there are new boundaries when a relationship is involved. I lost a lot of friends when they didn't like being "sidelined" when I got married. It's also possible that this girl could be a "vulture" who is not really a friend but a "girlfriend in waiting".

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