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Hey all,


newest development regarding the poem guy. I was to call him today. He asked me to call him before 6 pm on today (being September 6, 2003) I called inbetween 12 pm and 12:30 pm.


He wrote to me:


Sorry I don't email much, but I despise the email. MSN is aight though. I would like you to call me on Saturday, anytime before around 6 PM. There's some things we should talk aboot. Just call my cell at (his number), 'cause it'll wake me up better than anything.


I called him three times, he did not pick up. I called him on his cell twice and then his home phone. (called within 20 minutes of each other these calls)


I left a message on his cell phone, and home phone. And i left it at that. I hang out with my friends for the afternoon.


I messaged him but he was away. I am sooo flippping mad right now!


He told me to call him and i did and he didn't pick up the phone! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


He could have been sleepin b/c he usually doesn't wake up until 2 or 3 pm.


But he said to call him on his cell, b/c that would wake him up more than anything.


Whatever, i am giving up on him once and for all and if he comes around, *shrug*


sorry i needed to vent real bad....


I am just soo mad! He told me to call and he doesn't pick up! MEN ARE FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I guess he obviously doesn't like me now!


*shrug* i don't give a damn anymore.


thx for listening.


any ideas on what the heck kind of game he is playing?



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hey hey hey slow down.. Just wait don't get mad. There are probably plenty of reasons why he couldn't/didn't pick up. If he told you to call him he WANTED to talk to you.. DO NOT GIVE UP. There could be unknown reasons why he didn't pickup.. for example his cell broke but he was outta his house.. I mean just be patient..

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Well first of ...Hi long time no talk


Now to the subject...you really need to calm down, yeah i know he has been ignoring you for quite a few weeks, even though he may of been busy, but to tell you the truth somthin you dont want to hear i think he is really trying to ignore you because no guy would not talk to you about somthing this serious weeks later, but for right now calm down try to get your mind on somthing else until tomorrow and then call him back and see whats goin on...


If you need to talk to someone just get on aim and ill do the best i can and if you want you can call my phone at (850-939-0926) but yeah just get on aim if you need someone to talk to you and ill be there.


I hope it all works out and ill talk to you soon.




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Dear Jitrenda,


I'm sorry to hear that that you are frustrated with a friend you are interested in. I guess the moral of the story is that promises made and not kept, are infuriating indeed. It is a lesson that I, as a male, know all too well


I believe you have left more than enough indication of his transgression. It would be interesting to hear his response!


All in all, I kind of feel sorry for "the poem guy"- he has missed out on your presumably cheery and obviously energetic company!


Best of luck,

Mr. Hypothetical


(PS- that's certainly a cute pic of Kasumi (DOA) you have there....

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I'd just like to point out something: He said to call before 6PM so you call before 1PM when you say he's usually not up till 2 or 3? - DON'T YOU THINK THATS JUST A VERY BIG OVER-KILL?????????




You should have called at 5:30 instead. I can't believe that your that upset because you rung so early and he didn't answer.


Also your wrong to assume that because he didn't answer that he no longer likes you. You called him too early accept that.


Don't despair just hang in there!

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