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confused, hurt but still in love


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hi its me again...same guy, different problem. for those who dont know the situation (hi im liz) my problem last time was getting over the breakup, now were not together, but still intimate...

hes moving on. since we broke up hes fooled with my good friend, then confessed and apologized. i forgave and forgot..as always. weve stayed close friends, and after a few fights and attempts to end it forever, we still see eachother intimatly and have had sex twice(in 2 months). we tell eachother we love eachother(we do..) and we would be together if not for my desfunctional (the skys the limit) family. we talk every now and then and when we do, we talk for hours. if we see eachother, and sexual things arent occurring, we have a blast.

basically i love him so much still. hes a really great guy, and best friend, even when we have our problems.

but were not together. and i know hes looking into other girls(not BEING WITH sexually or what not) and im looking into other guys...but with him still in mind. i think of us as still being in a "relationship" so im not in a hurry to be with someone else. (im confused about him on this part..he says he loves me but...?)

my closest cousin and best friend disapprove of him because he can be a jerk and because hes supposeavly talking behind my back. i usually jump to conclusions and blame him and thus beings the fights. and when i do call him on it, he denies it. so i dont know who do believe, my family or him.

i love him still, but im confused on what that means. should i believe my family end it with him and move on? or continue being with him and work things out..agian?

thank you for reading and i appreciate your advice


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If you stay with him at this point you will be constantly going back and forth with him and your emotions. It's my belief that if you truly love someone you wouldn't want to be with anyone else. If you two are supposedly no longer a couple make it so. You need to get over him if he's not sure if he wants to be with you. Go cold turkey, do not have any contact with him for weeks or months, just be civil about it. You need to get over and out of this emotional rollercoaster. After that you can be friends again. I know it's hard and it can take some time. Just remember the longer you keep seeing him the longer your going to be in the state you are in now. Well, unless he does a 180 and decides to commit to you. Just don't wait or expect it. Good luck

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