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Should I call her?


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It's a typical question and I know the answer should be to go for it, but I'm just not sure if this girl gave me her number because she wanted me to call her and ask her out or for whatever other reason.


A few days ago, I ran into her at school. We took a few classes together before but none this semester so we haven't seen each other at all this year. We talked for a while, but just about school stuff. What classes we're taking right now, how everything's going, we didn't even talk for long. She gave me her number, and didn't tell me to call her anytime. She just said it's always good to keep in touch, or something like that. So I'm not sure exactly what she was expecting and if I really should call her up. We always talked a little but usually about school, so we were never that close.

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My guess is that she wants you to call her and to ask her out. Definitely call her and do your best to gague her enthusiasm on the phone. I have more than once given my number out in the guise of wanting to do business or because we both have a similar interest and want to keep in touch but it was really my way of opening the door to a possible date. And, you can test the waters by inviting her to something more casual so that it's not 100% clear whether it's a date, and see how she reacts. That way if she says no, she won't know for sure whether it was meant as a date.


And - I would call within the next few days but not on Saturday.

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At the risk of sounding stupid-


Is this a girl you're interested in? You don't sound terribly excited from your post. If you're interested of course you should ask her out- I mean the worst that can happen is she can say no.


i agree - i was thinking something similar. you don't sound too excited about her. are you interested in dating her?

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