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Bacialy: I'm 14, bit with this guy for 4 months and a little bit, then he dumped me. We tlkaed about it, and I basically understoodthat he was confuzed and wanted to move on. This happened on Saturday, and I cried all ngiht, and all day Sunday, I mean I love him. Then Monday I went to school, sulked around and came home. We were talking on the computer and he said he was sorry, and that he was thinking about trying things again. Bu he had to go right after and said he would tlka to me later. Then today, he told my friend that she was hot, she is after her ex, and she doesn't like my ex in that way. Okay so I asked him if he broke up with me for her and he got mad and said no. Then he called me a (female dog) for telling everyone that. So what I don't get is what's going on? I am absolutely crazy about him and can't let go. He was gunna concider me again? But he also likes my friend? I mean I don't get it. His mom and I are pretty close too. We tlaked for about 3 hours the night he dumped me. Then she said he's been having enourmous mood swings and that she doesn't know what bothering him. Can anyone help me? Or perhaps relate here? I don't know what to do. It hurts so much being a teenage girl. I just wanna grow up! I don't want my heart broken like this, or have my friends be liked cause they're prettier. Why is being a teenager so hard? I hate it!:sad:

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