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Well my probblem dates back two years ago. I met this girl in my English class and we sat next to eachother. She was really friendly, nice, and pritty and I on the other hand was quiet, shy, and alkward. I said someting and she laughed then I did something and she laughed again. We did more of the same until we became really close friends. We started doing stuff together and I noticed I was feeling more happy and my mood changed and I even made a few more friends. We always did stuff in class like play stupid paper games, she'd poke me in the shoulder, mention my name and then say 'nothing', talk often on the phone, talk about all the stuff she wanted to do (especially marrage), and a bunch of other stuff I can't think of. Well about 6 months after I met her, one of my friends asked me if I liked her and I said no. However, my friend kept pointing out things I did around only her and nobody else then I realized I really did like her. However, she already had a BF which I became jealous of and she spent more time with him than me. Whenever I got to talk to her alone she make up an excuse after saying 'hey' to me and she'd leave. Well I got fustrated so I stopped talking to her and avoided her altogether. Well after they broke up, we started talking alittle but not as much as we use to. Then summer came and she went to another school. I saw her only once and we talked for a while. We were both extremely happy and we couldn't stop smiling and we laughed. Then she told me she was graduating that year becasue of extra credit and now she has a new BF and I haven't seen her since. 2 years after I met her I can't get her outta my head. What should I do?

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simple. tell her you have feelings for her. she might have gotten tired of waiting for you to make the move cuz she was shy. i mean you are never gonna know unless you ask. and since you guys are close just tell her that if she doesn't feel the same that you still want to have a good friendship. and be able to talk to her.

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Hey there!


Yeh, just tell her and be as honest as you can. It might be scarey and you'll be pretty nervous but I promise you, things will change for the better, your relationship might get deeper (if she is ur close friend she will understand you) and you will soon or eventually get over her.


I was in similar situation too, except my crush was just an acquaintance, however we got on well. But he went to boarding school and eventually, just about a month ago I told him I liked him with disasterous results. Since my crush and I live very far apart, I told him in MSN and I didnt realise it was his friend speaking to me. His friend told me to stop stalking him and I was so upset. He came on the next day and told me it was his friend not him. It seemed everything he said was in such a dismissive, dull and uninterested tone. I tried to speak to him again but I think he blocked me....oh well. Im over him anyway, I feel better without being dragged down by feelings and memories about him.


MORAL OF THE STORY: I should of told him face-to-face not on MSN.


Yes, tell her in real life with true blue honesty. She will really appreciate the sincerity and honesty in you if she really cares about you too.


Also dont get discouraged or scared about my bad experience...I believe we all experience something like that in all our lives. I guess I exprienced mine sooner though. Go ahead and tell her, Im simply telling my expereince so maybe you can learn something from it so dont fret about getting bad treatment or being rejected...cuz if she is your friend she will treat this and you with respect, love, understanding and care.


Take care and tell her buddy!



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