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I have no idea what to do now....

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guy....I haven't posted in awhile but something has come up and I just don't know how to deal with this anymore....its kinda long but please just listen....


So I met my gf when I first moved to NY right...that was in sept 05. We were great until I found out that she was interested in another girl...lets call her C. My gf swore to me that it was a lie and she would never do that. Come to find out that not only was it true....she started a relationship with her Dec 05......FYI....we go to the same school and I see this girl everyday!!!!!!


So we broke up in Dec and I went to Virginia to visit with family and just to get away and clear my head. Now...she calls me in VA and again swore...this time on her mother's life...that its over and it wasn't that serious. I believed her!!!.....I went back to school and again...I have to see C everyday!!!


During this time....feb - june 06....my gf and I had some problems with C hanging around the club room where we hang out....my gf told me that she only comes to see other ppl..not her......I believed. By this time we were trying to get our relationship back to where we wanted it to be.She was there for me whenever I needed her...a few times we had arguments over trust issues...but she assured me that nothing is going on.....i believed her.


In Dec 06...we had a conversation don't remember what but I caught her in a little lie about C and when it ended....she admitted to me that she was still seeing her in Jan 06...after I came back from VA. We had a blow out over this.


Now..thanks to the Internet......I found out that she was still seeing her up to V-Day last feb. We had an argument again...but this time she told me that she ended the reationship....NOT in Jan....but JULY 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!


Which means that all that time at school she was still sleeping with C...and get this...everybodyelse knew except me. At that time we were not working and i would put gas in her car every week....so she can drive C around!!!!!!!


But u want to know what the worst part is????.....i lost my best friend of 10 yrs over the relationship with my gf and C....long story....but the point is she knew how this affected me and she still carried on with the relationship...and we just moved in together jan 07!!!!!!!!!


My family doesn't speak to me anymore because of our relationship...I have no friends here....What am I suppose to do now?...where am I gonna go?????....and y can't ppl just be honest????


Guys....I just don't know what to do right now...i feel so low and stupid!!!!!!!!!!...please help.....

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first and foremost its not your fault, thats the first thing you need to realise.


god knows when we fall inlove we are completely blind.


i was with a girl for three years, i cought her in an online emotional relashonship about 6 months in, was a lot of tears involved and aventualy she promised never to do it again, i in return promised that i would never check up on her again and god was that a mistake. when we aventualy broke up (her idea) after a 3 year relashonship people started talking to me (cuse we wernt together anymore) and i found out she had atleast 3 other people she said "i love you" to while we were together. (she also never payed me back the 1000$ she owed me, i say owed because i no longer care about the money, its not worth it). she stole clothes from my sister (when she couldnt affored a place and lived with me and my family) it goes on and on, i was BLIND.



it took me a really long to get over her but i did aventualy.


your ex is a liar, a cheat and a manipulator. you deserve someone much better.


instead of wallowing, pick yourself up, she wronged you, and now you need to make it up to yourself. do things for you, call your family, call your friends, i dont know what happened back then but apologize, explain that you where blinded and feel like crap, they will probebly understand (i dont know what went on there so hard to comment).


anyway, stay strong, never talk to her again, and be good to yourself.


good luck, i really do know what your going through.

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I agree with astaro. kere, you need to get away from your gf or ex or whatever she is to you right now. I know that you love her, but she has been lying to you, cheating on you, maniupulating and using you. She knows how her cheating affected you, yet, she continued to lie and cheat behind your back and then you have had to relive all of it over and over and over again. You deserve so much better than that.


Call your best friend and your family and apologize for how stupid you have been and let them know that you know the truth now. Be humble...


You need to move out of the apartment that you share with this girl, if you haven't already. Staying there is only going to make things worse.


I hope you realize that you need to end things...


Keep us posted!

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