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I hate to even wonder...

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So there is this guy in my class whom I am attracted to. He sits next to me and I've tried to talk to him, but that only lasted for a short time. I've noticed that he doesn't talk to anyone and I'm not sure if he is shy or just doesn't care too much for the class. I have friends in the class whom I chat with, which might make it more difficult to strike up a conversation.


I have noticed him sneaking a peak at me and when we make eye contact I sense an attraction on his part. I wonder if he is single or not...I am soooo bad at this sort of thing. After all, I have been single for about a year and a half! The longer I'm single the more I seem to second guess myself.


I'm not sure what it is I'm asking. I can either try to strike up another conversation or just wait until there is another guy who's giving me more definite signals that he's interested (like smilling, trying to start conversations with me) although guys NEVER do that! It's just frustrating and I'm not sure if guys are intimidated. I'm usually the one to initiate conversations so I'm not really sure how to go about this situation.


I'd just feel like a complete idiot if I tried and got turned down since I haven't had much luck with guys.



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Sometimes I simply don't click in terms of conversation with someone. Perhaps this is the case with him?


And why should being single for a long time mean anything? I've been single for about the same time period and I don't second guess myself. I see myself as knowing what I want, and what I want doesn't come along very often.


I think he's probably just shy or doesn't have much to say. Although this was a long time ago, I remember one of the most beautiful girls in my class at the time started a conversation with me and I could BARELY keep it going, I was so nervous and intimidated and at the time I didn't have much of a social life. I simply didn't know what to say, and nothing would have been able to change that.


Don't give up yet, though. Try to figure out what his passions are. He must enjoy doing something. See what you can do to draw it out.

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