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watch "the Secret"...it will make you feel good !!!


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for all those people that read ebsmith1 thread titled "ex sent me roses"....this thread changed into discussion about the Law of Attraction....this is the link to watch famous movie "The Secret"


link removed


feel free to post your thoughts about "the secret" under my thread...im really intrested in the law of attraction and i know that a lot of you will feel much better after watching it... enjoy!!!

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i love the whole idea of "the secret"...there was Ellen show few months ago and two men where talking about the secret...that was the first time ive heard about it


i started reading books and then there was two shows that Oprah made


i by myself am having problems with thinking positively all the time cause but i kinda thought myself to switch thoughts every time im thinking negatively


on Oprah show this one guy said that "trying is failing with honor"..... so from that day im not trying im just doing, creating my future ...just like all of you should understand it and do it

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My girl has been bothering me to watch "The Secret" as well. She said it will 'change my life'.



I will watch it tonight. The Laws of Attraction are NOTHING new. I am a very positive thinker. I haven't always been but my breakup cause me to reprogram my way of thinking.


Why be negative? In the way of science...to negatives repel each other.

All magnets have at least one north pole (reckoned positive) and at least one south pole (reckoned negative), and the net pole strength of every magnet is zeroAll magnets have at least one north pole (reckoned positive) and at least one south pole (reckoned negative), and the net pole strength of every magnet is zero.



My point is simple...it's NOT A SECRET. ha ha If you promote negativity...you will attract negativity.




You sit in a bar or pub and complain about your job or relationship. If you are alone and meet someone...9 times out of 10 they will join you in yoru negative talk. Even friends would join you in such a conversation.


Misery loves company. The news is FILLED with negativity. Then finally the last 30 seconds is the "feel good story"...UGH!!


If we coudl learn to change our way of thinking to the glasss is half full, maybe we could start to appreciate what we DO have and be thankful.


Smile and thankk God your alive. Be thankful for what you have, love and know.


Life is short...Make the best of it! Live, Love, learn and share your knowledge..



Your friend,



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Although sometimes I do think that negativity can be the first step towards positivity -


i.e. in a job you don't like, admit to yourself you don't like it. Moan about it.


This then give you the motivation to do something about it. The negativity was you admitting to yourself that it isn't right.


I know a lot of people who kind of misunderstand this "positive thinking" thing and what they do is when something bad happens, or when something needs sorting out, they just sweep it under the carpet or bottle it up, kidding themselves "it's going to be ok"......and putting on this front even to themselves of unrealistic optimism.


This is philosophy though - we could go on about this for hours.......

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I wasn't trying too! Just want people to know that yes they are making money off of it, but they aren't trying to spin it as something new! LOL! Hope I didn't offend! I find the DVD a little odd, but I think the message is still a good one. I like hearing it in the way they present it. I have the DVD and the book, and personally prefer the book.

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Ive just watched the whole video... and i think it is a geat video. i recomend it to anyone to just sit through it and watch it once.... i did not think i would sit through it all but as time went on it got more and more interesting. many things stood out in that video for me...


and one thing that stood out the most when you watch it is toward the end someone quotes "dont join group that worry about them" im not going to explain that quote you will just have to watch and see what it is.



watch it .... very moving.

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I find it interesting that this made its way to the Getting back together forum. When I watched it, I realized that I wanted to bring something better in my life. Since my ex hurt me, I was pretty sure that's not what I wanted back. It was teh catalyst for moving completely forward.


That being said, I had heard about teh laws of attraction years ago. I started using more positive energy and goal setting, and it has made ALL the difference. It's worked ridiculously well in my career and to a lesser extent my social life (mostly because I've focused more on setting goals for a career than I have getting a boyfriend). It's brought a lot more to my life than I ever had before. Could it bring back an ex? Not sure but I don't know that they're meant to be brought back. I just believe that if you know what you want and you're happy about yourself, you're going to attract more of what you want.


It's pretty simple stuff and it works. I recommend it.

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HUmm one moment theres

"where not self delunical!"


The next theres lines like


"Scince has proved that postive thugherts are 10 times more power full than negitie ones"


really? could you point me to the reserch, could you define "Power" for me a bit more well scientific. That is made up and thats what worrys me, yes think good things and the world will be a good place for you, but dont go saying things about Evidence with out showing it.


My other point is mass LOA what if 1,000,000 have faith in A god really really wont to convert there rest of the human race to there way of thinking, will there LOA have more power than yours as theres more of them, if so the religan with the most believers would rule the world.



I relly relly wont to Spell well but no mater how hard I have tryed (41 years) I can not shift this dislexia, why? becouse my faith, beleif it to weak

no its becouse my brain is hard wired this way. But I did get a computer spell chacker

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The fact about the positive thoughts my friend is certainly not made up, it has been proven in many different scientific researches and I can certainly point you in that direction if you care to send me a private message ..


This is certainly not about ruling the world or anything like that....its got nothing to do with religion and has never instructed anyone to seek followers..


It is merely a life choice and a mental choice my friend and in it entails a personal journey from which we each travel..


If its not for you, then its not for you but dont knock the ones it is for


But at any rate, thankyou for your opinion my friend

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"The fact about the positive thoughts my friend is certainly not made up, it has been proven in many different scientific researches and I can certainly point you in that direction i"


I did not say AT ANY POINT! that ive positive thoughts was made up, so please dont try to divert the meaing of my coment with untruths.


What I did say was that I just do not trust coments like


"positive thoughts are 10 times more power full"


with out siting the scientific researches thats places this comment in context, it is just Sudo science as best and missleading at it core.


"This is certainly not about ruling the world or anything like that....its got nothing to do with religion and has never instructed anyone to seek followers.."


Arr but look close it has every hall mark of a cult, shall we take best for some pright spark start talking about this as a NEW religion or an old religion starts to take bites out of it for there own ends, Arr you say but there not using true LOA and you start to state what "True LOA" is and hay look what we have a cult with and set Dogma

and off we go down the road of Religion, see my point, when there are more thinking one way and just you the other than your wrong and there right, thats Faith, but if there where scientific evidance then it dos not matter how many thing the other way, the scientific fact prove your right and all good scientis maust change there thinking to siut the new facts. But LOA is all about anecdotal evidence just like faith and religion so must be seen as fitting in that catogaory of faiths philosophys beliefs.

Sorry theres no getting out of that one.


"It is merely a life choice and a mental choice my friend and in it entails a personal journey from which we each travel.."


As a Taoist your talking my language


"If its not for you, then its not for you but dont knock the ones it is for"


Now, now, dont get all exclusive trying to shut dissenting voices out of any debate, remember thats what cults and religions do where as scientific researche looks at any and all views.


"But at any rate, thankyou for your opinion my friend


and you, to look is to learn

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i will tell you what the "secret" is. i have the video, somoeone burned a copy for me cuz i wasn't about spend the $50 on it. i watched it, got the overall gist, but i have a few problems with it.


basically everything in your life, whether positive or negative, has come your way because you have attracted it. if you think positive thoughts, then positive things will come your way. but wait, there's more.


if you want to get what you want out of life, you have to visualize and truly believe that you already have what you want. the example they give is there is this guy who wants this sportscar. so everyday, he goes home and pretends he's driving the car. they show him getting in his chair, closing his eyes, and pretending to drive the car. it even goes so far as to show him with his hands on an imaginary steering wheel and imaginary gear shifter. he goes through the motions in shifting. and guess what? low and behold sometime later he gets his car.


then they show they show this guy who seems somewhat paranoid that his bicycle is going to get stolen. so he takes the necessary precautions, such as chaining his bike to a pole with a lock, but his bike gets stolen. their reasoning is that he imagined his bike being stolen and since that's what dominated his thoughts, it came true. i mean, are you serious??? so all these people who lock their doors, cars, etc actually WANT someone to steal their property? or they're going to attract a thief into their life because they are thinking about how to avoid it? then wouldn't everyone who's ever locked their belongings get their stuff stolen?


also, there's this other gentleman who was in debt. all he could think about was being in debt and how to get out of that debt. well, according to the video, he remained in debt because that's all that he could think about. so he says he started thinking about getting money. he took a bank statement where he only had like $200 dollars in his account. he took that statement, added a comma after the last zero and added more zeroes. he tacked that up where he could see and and thought about living like he had that much money. and, accorinding to his words, "checks just started to appear in the mail" YEAH RIGHT!!


there are other really "new agey" things in here but i do have to agree with the overall message: think positively and that's what you'll attract.


i hope this helps.

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I don't think anyone would disagree that "positive thinking" is a plus.


But there are a whole host of other claims in that video. Things like thoughts having frequency and that they have some physical effect on the outside world. It's really no different than the vague new-age "energy" stuff. Pretty silly. It's just extrapolating a basic idea (positive thinking can help you set goals and feel better and feeling better can help to achieve those goals) to an absurd level (positive thinking can get you out of debt or bring riches and love through some vague metaphysical process).


But, hey, believe what you like.

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