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i like her soo much...

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I like this girl i met soo much it just sucks that i probably will never see her in person because of distance.


I just love the way she makes me feel when i talk to her. Shes so sweet and she just seems to have everything i want in a girl. She has one of the nicest smiles ive ever seen. her voice relax's me and i just love to hear her talk.


I just recently told her this "id figure ill tell u but..sometimes when i talk 2 u i forget u live far away and i get the urge to ask u out somewhere, and then i realize where u live."


She lives roughly 1000 miles west of me, and to see her would cost about 400$ or more. I just wish she would randomly have to move to the same area as me, its one of those dreams.


I dont know what to do, i think about her constantly..mostly when im not doing anything (hangin with friends or something that involves brain being completely pre occupied)...


this is why recently i have been hating bein alone and i havnt been able to just sit and concentrate on hw because all i can think about is her, and what i would do just to give her a hug or cuddle with her on the couch for an hr.


I just need some help..i dont know what to do

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Keep in contact.

Save up and visit some time? Perhaps if she's as enthusiastic as you are she can help pay for your trip.

Let her know how you feel, if she feels the same and you can keep the spark alive long enough until you finally meet her then things will turn very favourably for you both.

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i think u should like keep talking to her and tri it. u never know what can happen that happened to me oncd and i like was still talking to him even though he was far away we still managed to keep in touch and stay close and to this day we are still talking and we are really close friends so i think u should tri if u really love her

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