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Is it a good idea to avoid people after you first meet them ????????????????????

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I met this girl yesterday and we only talked in person for like 3 minutes and exchanged numbers. I can barely remember how she looks. The only thing I can remember is that I was kind of attracted to her and that she really liked me within that 3 minutes. (I was at a bar and had a few drinks in me.)


So as soon as I got home yesterday she called me....twice after I said bye. After that she showed me her myspace online. (I saw her pics and she is cute.) Next she called me today when she was "really bored" and then she said bye because she had to hang out with her friends. Ten minutes later she called me back and was like: "We want to stop by and say hi..."


Being that she is about 10 minutes away and was about to leave in that instant and I havent showered or shaved today and my pits wreek, I told her that my friend was coming to pick me up soon and she could not stop by. Part of me rejected her because I currently smell bad, and part of me rejected her because I want to make her nuts about me. Should I have hung out with her so soon, or is it wise to wait a couple of days to make her go crazy????


My plan is to act completely uninterested for a couple of days and then hang out with her. Is that a good idea or am I being crazy?????? Im afraid that rejecting her might make her lose interest in me.....

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If you only met her for three minutes in person and she's called you several times since and just about landed on your doorstep... I think there could be warning signs right there..... and given that you barely remembered what she looked like (let alone know her) why care so much if she loses interest?

But, if you are interested, hang out with her, see how you hit it off.... but definitely don't play games with her!

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