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She's feeling alone, will she come back to me?

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Ok, this all started when my girlfriend of 8 months said we needed to take a break because we were getting so seroius, she had never dated before and wanted to make sure she really had feelings for me. Now, I think she just broke up with me for this college freshman that lives like a block away from her at his dorm. She met him and dumped me not even a week later and started hanging out with him a lot. now, her best friend who just came out of nowhere is the one who got her to do all of this and now shes ditching her all the time. I talked to her last night at a football game and it was nice. we talked for maybe half an hour and then I just left because i didnt want her to think that i wanted her back just yet. her friend told me how she is always talking about how this guy is so hot and plays soccer and everything but he hasnt made a move on her.....now, shes a junior in high school and hes a freshman in college. she just tells everyone they are really good friends. now, i already know that she dumped me to make herself available to him, and if anything does happen between them then i wont take her back but im wondering if i should even take her back right now if she wanted to come back......does it even seem like she wants me back??

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