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asking a girl to a dance, help please

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ok so me and my girlfriend are gonna goto a dance this year thats in like 2 weeks and my problem is that i still have to ask her to make it "official" and i need a good way to ask her. not like a "you wanna go?" way. i want it to be more thought out and special cause i wanna show her that i care. i dont have much time to do this so if you have any suggestions please tell me. if you know any cute ways of doing it tell them to me please, i would greatly appreciate any advice.

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Well to show her that you care, a good way to ask her to a dance is by getting her some flowers. I know this sounds corny but it works. You don't have to go to a flower shop and buy a $12 rose, you can go in your backyard and pick a few and maybe even wright a note asking her to go to the dance. That's the best I can think of.

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If you want to do something cute and thoughtful that reall yshows you care it sould come from you, but I'll give you a starting point. Add something in that is special in your relationship, like the first place you kissed or your first date. Also include something that she likes, for example if she's a chocolate buff bye her a box of chocolates and put a sweet note inside asking her. Trust me she won't say no.

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