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I need serious help with relieving stress in my life right now. I am a junior in college and am HATING it. It depresses me because freshman and sophomore year I was great at school, got great grades and generally enjoyed being here. But this year I can not get motivated. I hate my living situation, I live with my best friends in a house and I am starting to get annoyed and dislike them and think it would be best to live on my own, but I signed a lease that goes through senior year so I can't really change that.


I hate all my classes, most are just to get credit hours or fill general requirements. The stress is so bad that I have started grinding my teeth in my sleep and have severe jaw pain that is adding to how crappy of a situation this is. The only thing keeping me sane is my supportive boyfriend, knowing that I will be getting an internship doing something I love this summer and the fact that I will be studying in Rome next semester (which will give me a much needed break from my roommates). Getting through this semsester seems like an impossible task. Anyone have any stress relief suggestions? Thanks!

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I hear you. I feel like I go through the motions with my classes right now. Its not a good feeling at all because I see it as a waste of time. I want to go to class and be interested and pulled in by things. I am certaintly not right now and I find my attention wavering.


It can be frustrating but I just think its a speed bump, hopefully it gets better.

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Cool on Rome! I'm going there myself this summer. I'm a sophomore in college, and I stay motivated by going out and hanging out with my friends. I'm not focusing on grades much, but I'm just staying in touch with the professors that really matter to me and meeting new professors. Although, grades will matter if you're going to grad school or any other post college school.

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