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At school for lunch, almost everyday I eat either pizza or french fries. I realized that isn't good at all, and I wanted to try to eat healthier. Our school doesn't have much healthy foods, only salads that are really gross. I wanted to start to bring foods from home that are healthy and filling. Some people said I should bring an apple or banana or something, but just one of those sometimes doesn’t fill you. Other said yogurt is good for you, but then again it has a lot of sugar which isn't good.. People are confusing me. So, I want to ask you guys, what kind of foods could I bring to eat as a lunch that would at satisfy my hunger, and is healthy for you.

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Fruit and yoghurt are good snacks - between classes or whatever. But for your meal you could have anything you would eat at home - just bring it in a tupperware container. Today I had chicken stirfry with veggies and rice. Yesterday I had chickpeas and rice. Sandwhiches can be healthy, but make you sure you use quality meat, whole grain bread, and low-fat mayo. (Cheese is good for you, but also high in fat so don't have too much.) Anything with meat and potatoes or meat and rice is good. Casseroles can be good. Stew. Spaghetti (remember to use whole wheat pasta) with meat sauce.


To fill you up, you can also bring a side salad to go with the meal.


Yoghurt, by the way, is really, really good for you. Read the labels and choose a yoghurt with lower calories (often fat-free yoghurt has the most calories because it's pumped full of sugar just to make it edible).


And if you want something healthy to fill you up at school, soup is often a good option. Just don't take the creamy stuff.

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I eat well, I could do with more red meat, but in general Im good

THE THING IS, dont starve yourself or go without treats... If I feel like it, I will eat a meat pie or an ice cream or a can of coke... but not as a regular thing.


and on salads, instead of dressings, squeeze a lemon over it, lemon juice is really good for you, I forget why

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Make a sandwhich with some kind of meat, or stir fry some vegetables and lay it over a bed of white rice, prepare a salad with one of those salad mixes from the grocery store, buy some pita bread and fill it with whatever suits you, microwave some vegetables and pour a little bit of olive oil over them (and sprinkle a little seasoning over it for added flavor)... there are a wide variety of options.

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