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Im not good at flirting, and i need help!

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i just started high school last week, and im 14. in one of my classes, there is this really cute girl who might have an interest in me. the first time that she saw me, she smiled, so i am assuming that she thinks that i am cute. (i dont consider myself to be cute, but after all i am my own worst critic). the thing is, she is already pretty friendly with one of the other guys in my class, and i dont know if they are going out or anything. (hes a sophomore, shes a freshman.) she sits in front of me, so we dont really have the chance to make eye contact. what do you think i should do?

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I am going through somewhat the same problem iced and you know what i think you should just be friendly with her make eye contact and just try to strike up a conversation with her butyou should find out first if there is anything going on with her or anyone else and if there is still try and if not youll have a new friendship.

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