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Moody, un-predictable bosses

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I don't know if it is a gender thing as much as it is a person or persons put into a role of authority that they can't handle well. Some people abuse it and some people don't.


I worked for a guy about 10 years ago building computers, and it was a small company (3-4 people) and if anybody had to go #2 (except him) he told them they had to go to Burger King down the street to take a load off. He made us wash his car if work was slow, and would constantly berate and belittle his employees.


In my experience working for small business owners has the been the worst.

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I've worked in primarily male dominated field my entire adult working life (radio dj).


For all the stereotypes of gossipy women there are in the world, the biggest gossips I've known are men I have worked with. Then again, their penchant for drama-kingness might be related to the weird combination of creativity and ego that makes up the typical radio personality.


One time, years ago, I worked at a station that had a micro-managing general manager who refused to allow the station's program director do his job. Generally, you've got a program director who handles the on-air product, a sales manager who handles sales, and the GM who oversees the overall business.


Anyway, this one GM I used to work for used to write all our liner cards and would have a complete hissy fit if we didn't read them on the air verbatim every time. There was no putting it in one's own words, no variation, nothing. You read stuff EXACTLY like he wrote it or else you'd be spending some "quality time" in his office discussing your infraction. In theory, he should've been too busy overseeing the business to be fiddling with stuff that was clearly the program director's job. Fortunately he was one of the many "radio nomads" in this business and he moved on to his next gig in about a year and a half.


But it was a LONG 18 months while he was there.

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I've had some male bosses who were so volitile it drove me nuts, and women bosses who were excellent.


Two different male bosses from a big northestern city were the absolute worst. They threw things and yelled, then bought lunch and were wonderful the next day, then by Friday were screaming and cussing about everything. Absolutely impossible.


I don't think it's hormonal, but egotistical. Maybe momma's boys in midlife.

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Also, Iceman...I know what you mean about small business bosses...I've had similar experiences...


So have I. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the stress, or maybe they are power mungers and only start their own business so that they can be in charge and be "the boss"!

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Thanks guys, I fell a little better now.....The one who shaves his legs is constantly dodging his wife...she calls here REPEATEDLY, and grills me on who, what , where, when...I say "No, he's not here" and she says "He isn't?" and I say "No" ...long pause on her end....same question again....I repeat, "No, he isn't here" and she slams the phone down in my ear.


I am now trying to get paid for my vacation last week...He says if he pays me BEFORE I go on vacation, I won't come back, because that is what the last 9 people who had my job prior to me did!



I said "Do you know WHY people don't come back?"


How someone can never be culpable for their actions kills me.


I reckon if you could find another job, that would be the best bet. I can't stand people who play power games and it sounds like your boss is doing that.


Oh yeah, and the wives are the biggest culprits. They think because hubby owns the bizz, that they have the right to throw their weight around.

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So have I. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the stress, or maybe they are power mungers and only start their own business so that they can be in charge and be "the boss"!


I am going to go ahead and say they are power mungers.


At last company I worked for the owner slept with one of the employees, indulged in nose candy in his office, had sex with an employee on premises (the IT guys told me it was on camera, and he was married with kids too) got drunk at lunch time at the local TGI Fridays and kept a frickin boat in the warehouse.

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In my experience male bosses tend go on the power trip a lot more than female bosses and were a lot easier to deal with and caused less destruction.


point of my story bad male boss = bigger bang than bad female boss who = mostly just really annoying.


But.. i've been told otherwise by people in proffessional positions, they seem to have plethora of reasons why women make bad bosses. So I don' know but for the simple menial tasks I have performed in my working life I would much much rather have a young male boss, or a female boss anyday over an angry middle aged man.


Advice - find another job, don't wait around hoping your bosses will change because they won't.

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