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Drown Oneself in the lake

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First I wanna say that I'm not from the U.S., U.K. or any other English speaking country, so I beg you to please have understanding for my awful English.


Anyways I have thought of drown myself. I live in Sweden and it very cold to today, so my question is simple. How long does it take til' I die? 10 hours? 20 hours?


Please help me with this, I'm really serious. I think the question is important because I don’t want to be “rescued”. Say I think that I will die after 10 hours, and then it isn’t that way, I don’t wanna wake up in the hospital! I’m serious.

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Killing yourself doesn't work, i commited suicide in a previous life by drowning myself. You just get reincarnated and have to live thru your life and all the pain again up till the point that you commited suicide and then go thru that misery again. Or in other words killing yourself isn't worth it. Its just a waste of time, what you need to do is to give a swing to your life in trying to make things better.


You should read the stories on link removed on suicide, it shows how worthless killing yourself is.

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You know, they say that in your culture, suicide is very popular. I wonder if you need to separate yourself from the negative thoughts that are pretty common in your culture? Force yourself to have hope and to think positively. Name the GOOD things in your life until you convince yourself of their truths. Don't analyze deppressing things...help others and don't dwell in obsessive selfishness and social isolation. Try to go get some sun...perhaps you should go to another country with lots of sun to realize that there is so much to life that must be lived.

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Drowning yourself wont take hours, it will only take mins. If you do something like that it will be you bigest mistake ever, death isnt that anwser get of you but and face this life and dont run from it,.


And i dont think you really want to die, you see it as the only anwser, if you wanted to die you would of just done it you wouldnt of came here and told all of us about what you are going to go. Guess what its not the only anwser

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