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something I want to say to my exboyfrined

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Something I want to tell you,but I choose to type down on this website.

Our love had dead,but you are still in my heart.However,you and the love hurt me so much. I can only remember all the pain and tears.You are really not my sweethear,instead you like poison which is eroding my life.I never want to back those days.I want to over this nightmare.


Here I swear I will never look back or get back with you.I hate you and never want to be with you.

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I have been tired of being played by my exboyfriend.When I stoped talked with him,he came to miss me and close to me.Once I wanted more or came to him,he would back or gave me amphibolous answer.


I gave my whole heart to him,he return me only pains and tears.I am smart,pretty,kind-hearted and special,but he can't see me anymore.If people want something which they can't get,my exboyfriend doesn't want me now.Because He knows that he can have me if he want,or he doesn't have the desire for me anymore.


I don't know how some people's love can last forever.However I realise that when the love is gone,not expect the love would come back.You can't expect somebody fall in love with you or control somebody's feeling.


I believe that there are so many wonderful men in the world.So I want to say goodbye to my ex.We should learn forget the past and not care the ex.

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