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Im 18 years old, a senior in highschool...problem...

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I have always had a hard time finding a girl that I could connect right with and because of this I have never had a girl friend or even ever went on a date with someone. Now I found someone that I pretty much feel for and was hanging out around her and her friends(all senior except for a few people) and then the topic of age came up and I found out that she was 14 years old...


I don't know what to do now, I know that in societys views its wrong( i'll be a outcast on society) but I feel lonely when im not around her.](*,)


Im also afriad because I know its illegal to date someone at that age(NY)


what should I do? Should I see a counselor about this? Im at a lose...


Im just going to try and avoid her for now and see if I feel better after a while...

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It would be illegal to engage in sexual relations, not date.

If you're willing to see her but take it to the bedroom it shouldn't be too frowned upon. Be patient with her. Enjoy eachothers company. There are so many positives you can get out of a relationship.

Who's society to dictate who we have feelings for anyway?

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The age difference isn't THAT immense. In Canadian law there's nothing against people who are within age of (I think) five years. I don't know for sure, but I don't think it's illegal.


The Criminal Code does not now criminalize consensual sexual activity with or between persons 14 or over, unless it takes place in a relationship of trust or dependency


This is Canadian law...

So my suggestion is to move to Canada

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I'd be very wary of kissing her as well, in alot of places even kissing constitutes as a sexual act on a minor. I know, very stupid law but i'd be careful as well as the parents could very well press charges on you even though you two don't engage in any form of sexual behavior.. The laws may seem stupid but are only out there to protect young people who may think they're ready when in all reality they're not. Just be careful that's all I can say.

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