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General Myspace question


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I think Myspace is foolish...nonetheless I entertain myself looking at profiles on occasion during work hours. Just curious if people know you looked at their profile?? I'm assuming you have to have an account and be logged in...that right??


only if you have a myspace tracker. i had one that used to work, now it doesn't.


those people who you see posting on other profiles saying "check out this tracker" aren't posting those messages. i read the "terms and agreements" for some of those tracker sites and in it, it states that if you agree to their terms, they will log into your account and post ads on other's profiles for their tracker.


ever since then, i don't use them.


friendster, however, has a built in feature that lets you see who's looked at your profile.


but obviously, if you're not a member of either site and you're just browsing, they won't be able to tell who you are other than your IP address and what city you're from.

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