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Can you give your honest opinion as to whether or not I am a racist?

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Hi everyone!


I have a question.

I have always been good friends with ALL races of people. As a matter of fact, I have BEST FRIENDS who are a) mixed african american b) Mexican American (one of my favorite type of people) c) Adopted sister who is chinese, filipino, white mix (we are best friends).


I also have very good friends who live in Spain and I visit them every couple of years.


My issue comes when (now I have talked to many people who share the same view) I go to take my children to school, and their classes are overcrowded with children who don't know english. They do not get the proper education because the schools can't fund extra help for the ridiculously large classrooms.


The jails are congested with illegals who are breaking the law over and over. We pay 40,000 dollars and up every year PER inmate in tax dollars to jail them.


The amount of illegals (esp in calif.) is the highest per year than it's ever been in American history.

I have also been sexually harassed by the men of this culture since I was 12 years old on numerous occasions.


I feel very strongly about this and want to help anyone in need. I just don't know how to help these people. It is estimated that if this continues at this rate, the US could become a 3rd world country in the years to come.

Do I need a serious attitude adjustment? Really....


I have never treated one person of this race with disrespect. I actually love my good friend who is part of this culture. My kids literally think her family are "angels". Her mother and sister do not know english, but this is the impression my kids get from them with language barriers.

This is how I feel. It is part of me. I have the courage to say something about it. Can you all tell me if I'm just a big racist? I know I love people and want to help them as much as I can. Can I have your honest opinion? It's so appreciated.

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I take it these "illegals" are all of the one race/culture?


If your antagonism is against people who can't speak english, I'm not sure that is racial antagonsim, it's probably classed as something else.


If you antagonism is against these illegals (who are all of one race?) and you are not discriminatory about that antagonsim then it is racially based.

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I'm a bit closer to the border, and have lived here since 1957.

I know the problems with illegal immigration are tough, but as long as conservative business owners exploit them as cheap labor they'll keep coming.


My first jobs were in construction, working alongside these folks, and I've never seen such a strong work ethic. Consider how many white panhandlers you see in Socal.


I notice you don't specify who you refer to.

A race, a nationality, a social class, criminal group...?

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Feeling threatened and upset by illegal aliens doesn't make you a racist at all. You have the right to expect the best education for your child, and get your money's worth. These people pour in from all over, with no education, no money, and a different culture. There is a very big difference between culture and racism. I should know - I'm a white person living in South Africa, renowned for "appartheid" and past racism. We have exactly the same problem here, but for us it is very much under the microscope, so we dare not say anything - else it would be blasted off as racism again. The truth of the matter is, we have millions of illegals here too, thy simply pour into our Country from Mozambique, Botswana and Nigeria. With them they bring weapons, drugs, and violence. Most of the killings and abductions here is caused by illegal aliens. This doesn't make me a racist, since I can live peacefully with my black, brown and yellow neighbours - however I feel if they can afford to stay where I stay, and send their children to my child school, they are welcome in my neighbourhood. If not, then they should be in a state school, and in another neighbourhood. We work hard, (we are both working parents) to stay where we do, and send our child to a good school. Others can accomplish the same for their family- but not at my expense.


Don't get me wrong, I don't look down on them, and don't see myself a rich and them poor, (there will always be a difference and I will not be able to do much about that).


The biggest problem for me is cultural. Some of the tribes believe in slaugtering live animals in their back yard, and doing strange rituals. They don't really have a high regard for life, and will think nothing of killing their newborn babies or abusing their wifes and children. They eat with their hands, and prefer to sit on the floor. They grew up that way, and that is how it is. Fortunately the newer generation (those born in the westernised society) is turning away from that type of thing, and often now, you cannot see much of the old ways. They are exactly like us! And I welcome them with open arms!


I guess given time, and a bit of patience from people like us, they will start fitting into our society, and start contributing to our countries. We have a bit of intollerance, and I guess that is normal, I don't suppose if I pitch up in Canada, because the situation becomes unbearable here, and I don't have a work permit, and send my child to a school and she can't talk french, they would welcome me with open arms. I will definitely also expect a bit of hostility. That is not racism, it's normal and to be expected.


............. so no, I don't think you are a racist at all. And neither am I!!

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You seem very educated on the subject, Dako. You have good insight since you've worked very closely with them.

I have reservations with the idea that they are thrown into jobs without proper safety or protection legally. I feel that is also taking advantage of them. How is this a win-win situation?Their children seem to have a really rough time in school. They seem lost and confused, very shy and withdrawn.


Thing is, you're right. They have a very good work ethic. Problem is, they also have issues with identity theft. They mess the system around so much that the government has a rough time even tracking a criminal record (never mind their finances).



And the whole loss financially for the US isn't even figured correctly since the identity theft or "borrowing" in the culture is so prevalent.

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I don't sense any bit of antagonism in your post. If anything, you seem torn between two irreconcilable views:


a) The economic cost versus benefits of illegal aliens.

b) Your personal experiences, good and bad, with Hispanic people (legal or not).


I work for a company that has been around for over a century and has employed illegal aliens for much of that time. There is a definite language barrier (but I see that as a side issue). My coworkers are dedicated, honest, family people. But they are here illegally. My boss is a great person, who wants to run a business and make a profit. But he is also breaking the law.


I don't fault people from wanting a better life for their family. It's a hard lot to have the misfortune of being born in a country riddled with corruption where the best you can hope for is usually the existence of a tenth century serf. I would probably do anything to get out of that situation. Crossing a boundary drawn up by other corrupt politicians would seem inconsequential.


But I also believe that if we have laws (immigration or otherwise) we ought to enforce them. If these laws are outdated we ought to have leaders with the courage to propose new ones. But we don't because the system works just fine for them.


I feel like illegal immigration will continue because the aliens need a better life, and our politcal and economic leaders are souless cowards who value a quick buck over integrity. The reality is that this endless wave of immigration will continue. I just wish America still had the ability to assimilate groups of newcomers. But we don't.

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DO you really want honesty or validation?


Do you want permission and comisseration or objectivty?


Or are you just looking to vent?


You ask the question but then give your valid and legitimate reason for your beliefs and make no apologies by saying "this is just the way I am"


It is my honest opinion that you are not seeing a full picture.


But regardless - whether or not the US becomes a third world country because it has too many immigrants is LUDACRIOUS in my opinion.


I have a feeling that will happen for a NUMBER of different reasons. Not because of Mexicans sneaking over the border and working in the country - legally OR illegally.

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We don't even look that deeply into the issue. I'm Canadian, so I'm not completely aware of "illegals."


I just find it interesting how the history of the continent worked itself out. Puritans escaped from persecution in England in order to live a peaceful life. They then sneakily barter their way into claiming most of the land. Then wrestle a great deal of land away from the Mexican empire only to shun people who are looking for a better life.


I'm oversimplifying, I know, but this is what it looks like in the eyes of an observer.

However, I would say you're probably xenophobic and there are bigger issues at work.

But think about it. American firms are brought into Mexico to manufacture goods, except most of these jobs are in cities close to the border. Agriculture has been subsidized and is no longer profitable for mexican farmers. They go to cities to find jobs but find none due to the rise of industrial machines, which means more work, for less pay for less people.


Mexico is a product of both poor management and generally, I would argue, American exploitation (to a degree. Not completely).


I don't know American immigration policy and very little of the history of American xenophobia (of course this doesn't apply to those who aren't xenophobic, I'm not labelling Americans as xenophobic) and racial profiling, but I think undocumented workers also contribute a great deal to the economy, are usually in the poorest sectors of society and perform jobs that many Americans simply don't want to perform. There should be a limit to this, however the problem won't go away simply by stopping immigration. I think Mexican-Americans will bring up their children in a more Mexican than American fashion, and teach their children spanish before english anyhow, so I don't think solving immigration policies will solve the problem of educational infrastructure, or lack thereof.


There is no way the United States will become a third world country due to illegal immigration. I think it's nearly impossible. To define a third world country is to say it lacks social and economic infrastructure. To say this will happen due to illegal immigration isn't doing the issue justice. I also think the United States is far too large an economic power to be supplanted from the G8, especially by Illegal immigrants alone. If it ever does happen, which I think is highly doubtful, would probably have to do more with poor economic choices outside the sphere of immigration policy.


This isn't a black and white issue. It's much more complex than this thread will ever be able to show.


(Sorry for the long post. Poli-sci majors thrive on this kind of discussion

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