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On friday night I went out with a couple of friends from work. A waiter, and the weekend bartender (I'm the weekday bartender). We went and saw "Hannibal rising"- a horrible movie BTW.


Anyway, we went out to a bar after the movie and all got pretty drunk, and ended up going back to the other bartender's house. The other guy ended up leaving, but I stuck around for a lil, until she got ready for bed. I was gonna leave, but she told me to stay and told me to get in bed with her. We didn't do anything but cuddle, but that's (sadly) more than I've ever done with a girl. I liked it. A lot.


Anyway, ever since then I've been going crazy about it. While I was trying to go to sleep last night I missed that contact a lot. I don't know what to think. She had just broken up with her boyfriend before Valentine's Day and asked me a few times to be her valentine, but I never really gave her an answer -cause I wouldn't really know what to do...


I dunno I'm used to disappointment, I'm not sure what I'm even asking here.

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Be careful of being a rebound, just in case, so you don't get your heart hurt.


So, are you asking if you should pursue her? If so, I say; why not? Just play it cool, be there for her and hang out.


Don't rush too quick, because if she just broke up with her BF, you don't wanna have to listen to the ex talk and get your heart hurt.


Also, you don't wanna be the crutch. So, I say, just have some fun, if that is what you were asking.


Oh, and Kudos to you for not trying anything with her.

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It's tough for me, cause I automatically get the feeling that she doesn't really have feelings for me.


But then, there were plenty of other places in her house I could have slept besides with her in her bed, and before she broke up with her b/f she had jokingly (seemed like it was jokingly) said "maybe I should just breake up with my boyfriend and go out with you". It's a new experience for me and I just am having trouble dealing with it. I'm afraid of getting hurt so the first thing I assume is that there's nothing between us. I'm in a place though where being a rebound would be a compliment to me.


I'm at the point where I have to stop myself from sending her some weird text message about how the cuddling is "driving me crazy".

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Take a deep breath. Count to three. Then call her, and tell her that you need to talk to her about what's been going on. Honesty is always the best track to go, especially when you're confused about what's going on. She's the only person who can tell you if she's acting as a friend, or if she has a romantic interest in you, or if she's really just rebounding from her old boyfriend. Be honest with her about what's been going on and how it's been making you feel, and expect the same honesty back from her - if she's not willing to be a grown-up and talk it out, she's bad news.

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Yeah, you guys are right I should probably just ask her. The hardest part is just not having a clue what's going on. I've always kept myself out of this game.


Do friends share a bed? I don't even know her that well. It would almost be easier to just assume it was nothing. I work with her.

I'm not too sure how serious she and her boyfriend were.


PS how ya been doyathink?

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I'm good, miss talking with ya tho... your rarely on anymore...


Hey, from what I've seen you would be a great catch and I'm sure she's noticed that...she works with you, she knows you somewhat.


If she told you that she should just break up with her bf and go out with you....joking or not....most ppl wouldn't say that to just anyone off the street would they. She must have some interest in you.


I would never allow someone to sleep in my bed and snuggle with me that I wasn't really interested in. I would assume most would think the same.


Maybe ask her if she would want to go out for dinner...or a drink ....a coke...whatever, and see where the convo goes. If shes interested she should give off some sort of signal.

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I'm in a place though where being a rebound would be a compliment to me.


Dude - you may think that now but........just be real careful ok?


I think I'm the minority here but I'm going to say it anyway - if you were my brother or something...I would tell you to let her make the next move. THEN...if she DOES make another move, lay it out for her.


Ya know, just let her know that you're aware of the rebound possiblity, you'd like to hang out with her but you're not real well versed in the whole thing, you don't want to get hurt but you also don't want the possibility of that happening to stop you from experiencing something really cool either.


Just be careful.


My advice - and this seems to be solely MY opinion - is to leave the ball in her court for another round and see what she does with it.

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