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Did I miss my chance?

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I need advice.


There's a guy I've been interested in for awhile. I feel a bit silly saying this since I'm in my twenties, but I've been too shy to do much about it. Turns out he really liked me awhile back, but also didn't say anything (unfortunately, someone told him I wasn't interested when I actually was).


He's single. I'm single.


I want to say or do something, but I'm not sure what. I'm also afraid that he's not interested anymore.


Should I let it be, or should I say something?


What would you do?

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Do you see him regularly? If so, ask him out for a coffee - don't make a big deal of it, just drag him out. Or a drink - the old Honey Pumpkin method of getting a bit drunk and then being affectionate. See if he responds - if he doesn't/looks horrified, claim total memory loss the next day (I know, so irresponsible of me - but it WORKS!). Or he might be very enthusiastic back, and your answer is there.


Don't waste time on 'what ifs' - you're both single, get him out with you, and let your gorgeous self do the rest!


Good luck!

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I say why not just take a chance and talk to him. You say that he is single and if you know for a fact that he isn't seeing someone , then I would certainly go for it. Strike up a bit of conversation with him , see if he shows any interest, and if so then maybe ask him if he would like to go out and do something sometime. You will never know unless you take a chance on it and see what happens.

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I still haven't said anything.


He and I see each other most days, but I don't always have the opportunity to speak to him.


I just don't feel very confident.


Thank you Honey Pumpkin for your words of encouragement. If anyone has any others, please post!


I will let you know if I'm able to muster up the courage to approach him.

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hey girl, why not just approach him casually..start talking general things and suddenly after a few mins give him that astonished look saying 'its been so long since we have talked this way!!'.he would never say 'no,we have been talking this way for so long.' his answer would be always be an affirmative.and then say some 'try to catch up the gap' phrases.i bet he wont deny..and gradually,you go forward with what you have in mind.


what do you think?

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We'll here's something, I think.


I found out the guy I like is travelling to a country I have visited before and love. He's never been there before. So, I sent him an email suggesting we get together for coffee sometime and we could chat about about fun things to do and see there.


Unfortunately I haven't heard back from him and it's been a few days. So, I feel a bit low.


Maybe I shouldn't have emailed, but I felt pretty good about doing it and thought it might be a good way to suggest getting together to chat to see how things would go and maybe progress from there.


Thanks for the advice and encouragement everyone.

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