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Chinese new year.

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I am so sad. Today is Chinese New Year ( according to the lunar calendar). It is the most significant day for Chinese people.We are supposed to spend this special day with our family. But my family is not here . Most of my friends has already gone back home to spend it with their family. I miss the old day when I had the family gathering all the time. I hate spending this special day by myself.


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Happy Chinese New Year to you too. Do you have a Chinatown close by to you? You can go there and watch the festivities and you probably will feel less lonely and it will feel more like home?


I haven't celebrated Chinese New Year with my parents for over 15 years. Partly because for the last 15 years, I was living elsewhere. Now, when I am back in the same state, my parents have their own stuff they do for Chinese New Year.


Start some traditions of your own and gather together some of your friends who haven't gone home.

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I think you should go do something special today anyways. Call up some friends, maybe plan a dinner tonight. Or why don't you maybe just go out and have a cup of tea by yourself and read a book at a coffeeshop. don't just sit around the house feeling bad, if it's a special day, make it special somehow.

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Thanks for replying my post. I end up spent the Chinese new year at home. I made myself a nice supper.I went to China town on Friday. They had celebration over there. It reminded me when I was a kid, I went to the Chinese New year celebration with my family in Hong Kong. I think the reason why I got so upset is because my parents divorced couple years ago. Since then, there has been no family life for me any more. We didn't hang out. We didn't do stuff together. My dad hasn't talked to me for six years, my mom always wants to kill herself. I try to stay away from my family as much as possible, but in the meantime, I miss the family life.

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