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Excersize, what's normal?

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When I excersize I usually do it for a 2 or 3 hours, and I do it everyday I possibly can. I like to jog for an hour and a half or so every morning before school. My sisters starting to annoy me because she always says I'm getting too skinny. She says that I don't eat enough and I excersize too much for the ammount of food I eat. I was just wondering how much excersize is normal? How often do you do it? What is a healthy weight if your 5'2?

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I'm no expert. But "normal" weight for a woman at 5'2, I would say 110-130. As far as too much exercising, it really just depends.


As long as you ARE eating, 2-3 hours every other day or every couple days isn't a problem. I try to just set a schedule for myself. Like Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. Work out for an hour.


Then again, I'm addicted to Taco Bell, so I'm not much of an expert

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I'd say 2-3 hours a day is definitely a lot - but as long as you eat enough it's great that you do so much and you must have a killer bod!


As far as underweight/overweight, only your doctor can tell you for sure. A BMI table could give you a rough idea (normal would be 18.5-25), but it's not a precise science - so see a medical professional before you decide you're underweight.


Do YOU think you look too skinny?

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The standard healthy weight range for someone who is 5'2 is 101-136 lbs. It really depends on what type of exercise and how vigorously you're doing it. If you're running fast on the treadmill for 3 hours a day, then that's not normal unless you're a pro athlete. You would be needing to eating over 2700 calories a day to sustain health at that level. If you're playing soccer or you're just doing light exercise with some weights, then it's probably fine.


Unless you have a specific fitness goal, 2-3 hours on most days is unnecessary. 1 hour a day of vigorous exercise would keep you in good health and in good shape.

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You look healthy and great.


I like to jog for an hour and a half or so every morning before school.


That is a lot. It won't affect you now, or for quite a while but if you do that much unsupervised running over a long period it may give you knee and back problems as you get older.


It may be better to do more cross training by including swimming or some other low impact exercise.

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You do look healthy, but you shouldnt really exercise for more than an hour or an hour and a half (assuming its high intensity exercise)


as Melrich says, the jogging can damage your joints and while a large amount of exercise is good for you, TOO MUCH, especially for women, can be terrible for your bones. there is a safe area, not enough is bed for bone density, too much is also bad for you.


So keep your calcium intake high.


rule of thumb: if you are standing with your feet togheter and your thighs dont touch, its not good, if you stand normally and your ribs are obviously showing, its not good, if you can see your ribs ABOVE your breasts, its not good.


thin is fine, as long as there is a decent amount of muscle, remember, you need a certain amount of fat to hold your organs in place

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i disagree about too much running will give you many problems... sure.. if they don't do it propery, or take care of themselves.. ltos of peopel have joint issues...BUT... People who have problems when they are older are the fat slobs who sit around eating bad food or the thinking that an hour or two of yoga or pilates per week is good enough... or going for a 'walk'


My parents are in their 60s and do track, pole vault, speedskating, swimming, triathlons.. and they have friends in their 70s plus who do it as well..


It sounds like your sisters are just jealous... people like to put people down when others are working hard or accomplishing something..


Mediocrity always seems to attack excellence ( I think i heard that on oprah )


Keep at it... good for you for getting up befor school to work out.. its the best time to do cardio

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