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Small town, freezing cold


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Yo.. So i don't know if anyone else has ever ran into this problem. I don't live in a large city.. infact alot of activities are spread out because of the terrain (we literally live in a hole... A crater actually)... Anyway, I've been going out for 4 months now with a girl, and we started dating during the winter, when it was amazingly warm for the season. We did the whole go to movies, dinner, mall, we even went to a concert that came to our town, gone to parties, dances...


But, now the winter is unbearably cold, and she's a big suck for being cold, so when trying to find some new things to do with eachother, it's hard for me to think of something new to do. Skiing, or skating has been suggested, but it's basically been freezing out for the past couple of weeks. Does anyone have some good ideas for some dates in the winter? I mean, brewing up some hot chocolate, and watching a movie at home is always nice, but, in this town, watching movies can get old fast..


anyway, yeah

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I live near you, so I totally understand how the winter can make dating really difficult.


Sorry if this sounds really stupid, but why not just.. talk to each other? My bf was always trying to come up with all these different things to do, and so we were doing all these things but not really getting to know that much about each other as individuals. It was really rewarding for our relationship to just turn off the tv, cuddle, and talk to each other.


Sorry if that's too girlie for you

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- Rent a game system and play video games together. A little competition to get the blood going... Heck, loser has to give winner a massage? =D


- Rent movies and cuddle up on the couch


- Pool/snooker


- Bowling


- Board games (also potential for fun bets)

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true dat! But that doesn't mean we should include it in our advice....



people get killed every day too....I'm still not gonna advise someone to kill someone else...


no worries - I was just sayin'......


Are you seriously equating having sex with killing someone in terms of danger to youth? There's nothing wrong with teens having sex so long as they're educated on how to do it safely.


Sex is a great option though I'd be guessing if you two were having regular sex yet you wouldn't need this thread


I'd go with whom suggested a board game, or maybe a puzzle or some sort of lowtech thing that lets you two talk ALOT and have fun


I also agree with the poster that recommended cuddling, I don't know why so many people assume that it's not something guys like to do I LOVE doing it with my girlfriend (although cuddling usually leads to rubbing which leads to sex alot in our case )

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Tidoman- Egads!! Winter presents better opportunities for dating than just about anything. I mean, everyone wants to be inside, and cuddle, and hot chocolate- it's great!


Just think about what you would normally do by yourself to have fun. Anything indoors- bowling, board games, nintendo or whatever the kids these days play, bars if you're into that kind of thing, movies, invite your friends over and play string quartets (nerdy music majors only), uh- what else... dinner, coffee shops, indoor concerts, dances... basically anything.

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