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Best Guy friend giving me the silent treatment

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Hey guys this is my first time writing in! Well I'm in a pretty hurtful situation right now. I have been best friends with this guy for about 2 1/2 years since we met through friends. Last year and the year before we would constantly talk. He had a a girlfriend for a while, but last year he became single for most of the year. It almost seemed like there was some chemistry between us, he would tell me how much he loved me every night and would say really sweet things like how I was the best person he'd ever met and what a sweetie I am. We ended up hooking up like 3 times. I was there for him when he had some hard stuff going on in his life and I was always there to listen and he knew I'd do anything for him. He would always write these songs/poems and read them to me, or find lyrics out of songs and read them. All of them would have the general gist of "I love you so much but I can't tell you how I feel" lyrics. The most recent time he's written a poem or whatever about something like that is in July, and he claims that he doesn't know who he wrote it about but it says "you're my friend I need you everyday I can't tell you everything I feel" etc. etc. But all that has changed since he got a new gf in May. He stopped calling me as much, I never see him except for at school, and even then he won't say anything or come up and talk. However, a few weeks before school started I went over to my friend's house who is neighbors with him. I ended up getting drunk (not good) Uh yeah that's me...anyways, I got really tipsy and my friend went off somewhere and he was sitting there with me w/ his arm around me and we were holding hands and I had my head on his chest and he had his head on my head, and he was stroking my hair and my neck and stuff cause I was upset about something. So at some point throughout the night I ended up telling him that I was in love with him. Which is true, but definetly wasn't a good idea. So since then things aren't good. Well they were until I had the balls to talk to him about what I said. But before I talked to him I stopped by his house cause I was coming to pick up my friend to go somewhere. Her and my sister said he was staring at me and checking me out and stuff while we were talking, and as they put it "he was holding something back" like he wanted me but couldn't have me. I noticed it too actually. So since then I talked to him on the phone and he totally let me down like you'll find better guys then me and I'm not that great of a person and stuff. My feelings are totally hurt, especially because he hasn't called in such a long time. One of my friends tried to talk to him about it and he claims that he wasn't ignoring me. Then they got into a fight about him not having any priority between his friends and his gf because he's always with his gf. What should I do? Will he ever figure out that he made such a bad mistake and that maybe I'm the right person for him? Thank you sooo much guys!

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he doesn't know what he wants. it seems like he is leading you on, but then once you tell him how you feel, he doesn't want it. It seems as though he is confused. maybe he likes you, but doesn't want to tell you now because of his gf. Or maybe he just sees you as his best friend. he might also like you a lot, but doesn't want to ruin your friend ship. many things are possible. my advice is to try to get things back to the way they were.... he was obviously a good friend to you. Try writing him a note telling him you miss him as a friend and want things to be normal again between you. thats all that i can think to do. you can kind of take it as a good thing that he's not telling you that he likes you like that right now since he has a gf. it shows that he can be trusted.

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