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thoughts of previous stalker increasing, really troubling me

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I recently went NC with someone that I thought was a friend to me but ended up being a stalker -- she moved to my town, without telling me, then starting calling me a lot and telling me she moved here "for me", weeping and telling me how much she loved me. It was very scary and I had to end it suddenly.


I should have taken the hints early on -- I was too naive.I am a nice guy so to speak -- I love helping people out. I saw she was lonely and needed a friend etc. She helped me out with a lot in my life at the time. She was very into astrology -- and for some reason -- because she was able to predict a lot of things in my life, and knew me almost too well because of her astrology (it was freaky), she took advantage of my introverted trusting self.


And now I have freaky things going on in my head. Things like no matter what I do in my life she knows they are happening (because of astrology); I can't get the weirdo out of my head!!!!!! It's like I feel I have no control, I am so mad at what she did. She should have been honest with me from the beginning.


How do I get my mind over this situation?? Having a stalker IS NOT FUN!

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I get the impression that she has left your life, but you are still worried about her influence, because of the astrology thing?


I think that's a reaction to someone stalking you - because you had someone crawl into your life and kind of dominate it without you knowing, and this is a perfectly natural reaction, to give her more credit for knowing you than she does, through astrology etc.


I don't think people can do that to you. I'm a bit sceptical anyway, but to put your mind at rest, the people who believe in those kinds of connections can't do it at a distance. And she could never do it in the first place. There are some great sites out there which debunk the whole thing, and show you that it's fun, but pretty much nonsense.


This girl IS out of your life, isn't she? That seems to me to be the root of your problems, that you had someone invade your life like that, and this is what the real problem is. I hope you got the support you needed, and took the action that was necessary to put an end to it - legal injunction etc.


Good luck!

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