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Okay this isnt a relationship so much as a torture going on...some vague background info-


Basically I got together with a girl, turns out her last boy friend did some pretty nasty stuff (like...as bad as things get) she walked long while later she meets me, one day he starts contacting her out of noowhere telling her hed have her back no matter what etc, or calling her stuff...that problem I can solve if I needed, but she choose to just call the cops- they didnt do much but said if he did much more to call them- he did, he said he was going to kill her...cops busted him.


problem solved...or was it....


now his family is showing up at her place mentally abusing her....I try to comfort her as much as I can....but its getting worse, these people are up shes never done anything wrong to anybody.....she doesnt deserve this...

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I have no idea what country you are from but in America we'd get what's called a RESTRAINING order on him and his family. This is ordered by a judge and keeps him and his family a certain distance from her at all times. Sounds like they all have issues with boundaries. Take legal action. If she isn't taking part in the communication with him and his family, she should have no problem doing that.

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hey its me again, okay she has tried getting a restraining order...no apparnetly the courts say he hasnt done enough yet.


* * * * this....if I were to break this guys knees ID be in jail...wheres the justice in that? shes talking to me now saying shes just going to give up...that shes nothing, thats not just as bad as bodily harm? justice my * * *.


if I do anything to this guy- he still wins, she loses me and im gone to jail, if I dont do anything theres nothing the courts will do because justice is a fallacy...

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