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The Contact Challenge :)

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This is completely the opposite of super dave his post


How many of you did broke up and have been wondering about youre ex.

- how they are

- what they are doing

- how they moved on

- is there still a chance for a rebound

- was it just bad communication

- do they have someone else or not


I think not all of you want answers to those questions but im sure some of you want to.

For the moment, im still not ready to contact my ex.and i dont know if i want to know all of those answers.But people are curious creatures and deep in the mind they want to know it.

some of you will have already done it.

if you did, share those experience.

But only for cases for minimum 6 month NC


But be carefull because this is very hard to do ( esspecially emotional)

And just do it when you really want to know and when you are ready or over him or her.



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My ex hurt me something terrible, and I hated her for a long time. Now, though, I can see what a sad, confused, and frankly pathetic little girl she was, and how she was not ready for a mature relationship. I checked out her myspace page constantly for a while, but have forced myself to stop and I haven't looked at it for a month. I honestly only wish she can get past her problems and find some kind of happiness.

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I'm in the same boat guitarhero - my ex behaved in very arrogant, condescending fashion and took me for a ride emotionally and financially. I think she is also immature and only pretended to have a "real" relationship. She walked at the first bump in the road, planned it for weeks without telling me and then wham! Today is NC3 and I'm gonna get my guitars out!

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