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PLease Read, Someone please help me:

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this is the first time I am using enotalone, and i desperately need your guys kind words. I just need to know that there are caring people in this world... Im losing faith in that. Are there caring people n this world? Below just well give you more of an idea of the kind of state I am in and how I am feeling, please someone , anyone say kind words, I would really great appreciate it.


you see i am kind of lost in this world I dont know what to do i dont know what to think i dont know how to think , i dont know how i should live my life...

im lost. i mean i have the same life:

i eat, sleep, play online games,

i wnat to have tintelligent conversations and forums but I do not see why i am holding back and why i cannot just participate??

i really need to stop being lazy, i dont have a gff, because i know i would not be able to provide for her, i really care about people in my life, i mean i am know i ma goign towards the best thing i cna do in life... im just kind of lost ... i need more motivation to live,

i need people who can help me and motivate me towards my dreams, i need to have a community where I can talk to people and express my feeligns, and people can talk and we can all learn about this and move alot forward in life by thinking. you see i dont feel good about myself but i want to feel good about myself i want to get better in my life and my life and the world around feel much better. but why dont I see my life as being relaxed for some reason im just happy. I know what i need to do in life but I just am I not motivated enough to reach my dreams.

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Hey rasheed! Welcome to ENA


This is definitely a great place to explore your emotions and get support, so I'm glad you found it. Could you tell us your age (if you're comfortable with that) so that we can help you better? The advice I'd give you differs depending on your age and where you are with your life.

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Well reaching out for help is the first step, so go you!!! I know from experience it isn't easy to recognize and admit when we are not feeling well and need to initiate change. I experienced the same way feelings towards life that you described in your post.


I went to see a therapist, she was wonderful. i got lucky with my first one. For some people it takes longer to find a match with a therapist you feel comfortable with.


Eventually, I discovered that I suffer from clinical depression. Really I had been suffering my whole life. Not just the "I feel down" for a couple of days and it passes. But I was feeling LOW, BLAH, let me sit here and DO NOTHING PLEASE!!! I would daydream that the couch swallowed me whole just so I didn't have to deal with life. So, a doctor prescribed mild medication for depression and wow it helped. I slowly realized how, with some behavior modification and still therapy, my attitude and movement in life was changing. There was nothing I could do for myself without getting help; for so long I suffered with this chemical issue in my brain and it took me feeling so bad that I reached out to say "Help."


So good luck! You have begun your journey!

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Hi There and Welcome to enotalone!


You came to the right place... there are alot of friendly, compassionate and intelligent people here to talk with.


(but I gotta say that one of the first things you need to do to get motivated is turn off the computer and make a list of what you want to accomplish, prioritize, and get out there and get to work!)

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Thank you all. I am 21. Im a senior in colllege and will graduate with a business major in a few months. I will put a profile of information about me, so you all can get a better picture of me...

the more kind words I feel now, and the more I know there are caring people in the world is the more I will work harder and better because im a very passionate and determined person.


ohh no im not in denial, i just need more motivation to do what i do. I am one of the people that want to change the world to a better place. Im an innovator, its just that sometiems I am lazy, I want to server the world I live in and I would better serve it if it loves me. Do you all get it?

I would really love to make friends with people here. I do not know much forums that people can openly talk about emotions so im happy to be here and thank you all for welcoming me.

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