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any ideas guy? Please help.

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There is this girl at my workplace that caught my attention. I spoke to her once only. Now we would just acknowledge eachother by just smiling to eachother whenever we bump into eachother.


I would like to get to know her better and maybe even progress to being more than friends. If things does not work out, we can still be friends.


How do i approach her saying that i would like to get to know her better or start a conversation with her but also not let her friends tease her about me and her. I do not want to put her in a difficult situation.


Any ideas guys? Thanks.

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but how do i start a conversation. what do i talk about. Sorry if i sound stupid or what, this is my first time approaching a girl.


I think you should find a reason to talk to her, maybe borrow something, or ask her a work related question and go from there...


Like...hi..do you know where i can find MR. so and so, Ive been looking eveywhere for him.


Or Can i borrow your stapler for a second, i think someone stole mine!


or the adult way " Hi, im xxx, how are you? i dont think we have been introduced. i work in --- department. Hows work going so far?"

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well, your easiest aproch is probebly starting off with a work conversation.


you know you have that much in common, from there try to pick up on personal details she brings up during the conversation and spin the conversation that way.


if she dosnt bring stuff up i would try using stuff on her desk as a sign for what to talk about, for example if she has a stuffed cat on her desk you can start a conversation, but i wouldnt say something like "so... you like cats?" which sounds insecure and a bit like your trying to force a conversation, ask her if she's more a cat person or a dog person, thats usualy a good conversation starter

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that kind of thing is sooooooo indevidual.


when you talk to her just look at her, see what she does, how she moves.....


for example if her entire body is in your direction that shows she is into the conversation and is closing it to others, on the other hand if she's looking at you while talking but her body is turned away that usualy means she is "open" to have someone else join the conversation.

but if she's on the computer while talking to you for instance i wouldnt put to much into where her body and face are aimed.



keep in mind that body language changes a lot in situations so dont take this at face value, its just an example of something you could notice.


watch for eye contact, try to notice if she is asking a lot of questions about you, does she appear to be enjoying the conversation or is she trying to pull away?


there are no rules about when the right time to ask is, personaly i am pretty blunt, if i am interested in girl and get an initial chanse to talk to her (i totaly suck at walking up to strangers) then i will usualy just ask her out and if she sais no move on.


though considering it is a work situation i would probebly talk to her a couple of times before asking.

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Spoke to her today. Was a short conversation but at least I got to know her name. She did not shun away from me when I spoke to her which I felt was a good start. She even asked me some questions. Maybe after a few more little conversations with her, I can get her number. Want to know more about her interests and dislikes. As least I made the first step, hope it will turn out fine.

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