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boys are so different!!!

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And it drives me INSANE!!! I'm looking for a guys perspective on this. Why is it that a guy acts different when he is in front of his friends as opposed to when he's not? We are not 14 anymore and playing those little games. For example, you say "I miss you babe." He says, "I miss you too babe." His friends say, "Oh your "whooped"!" Why do other guys have to tease their friends about their girlfriends? IS it an ego boost thing??? It drives me bonkers haha! I completely understand that your boyfriend isn't going to be all mushy in front of his friends but he doesn't need to act like a butthead and at times act like he doesn't care. Then an hour he calls me when he's alone and it's like a 180! WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!!?!? Thanks guys!!

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It explains it all. Ever watch monkeys play? Friends has to come around and tease the crap out of the other because they're envies and excited for no particular personal reason. It's like monkeys jumping on each other and crapping on each other because one of them found a banana.

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A girl says I love you on the phone to her boyfriend infront of her friends all of them say something like "oh my god thats so cute". A guy says I love you to his girlfriend on the phone in front of his friends he gets a "dude your whippped". When a guy is a jerk to his girl infront of his friends he doesn't mean to be. I'd rather have one mad girlfriend then 5 guys giving me a hard time. The girl is more understanding and she'll listen late, the guys won't. What a guy says to a girl when they're alone is what he really means.


you've got a POINT, well something that made some sense to me YAY you're right i will NEVER understand it .......

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It depends how they said it.

Sometimes I do it to bug my friends. Guys tease their friends, it's their way of showing they care. It relieves tension and it's funny. We like that.


If my friend gets mushy on the phone I like pulling out the mime whip and make the *wa-schhhhh sound. It really means nothing other than as a joke.


But even then it doesn't mean Im telling my friend to act macho. It's just a joke, guys joke about everything.

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Hello I am girl.

Well afer certain age (and you're far away form that point) guy soften up a little bit and don't act like complete monkeys when it comes to that.

Till that time you have to live with it.

So when you're in company don't call him honey, sweety, or anything similar thats cute in private but makes his friends ready to jump on making fun.


He makes some modifications in his behaviour when he's around your girlfriends, right?!

He is not going to act the same in male herd and between your friends. He will stay away form teasing them like he would teasing his friends, he will be more carefull about his language, he will try not to comment this month Playboy mate...

So you need to do the same for now.


If he's polite and respects you when with friends but not so romantic and keen on showing emotions thats normal.

I would just play along.

If he's making fun of you, or is rude toward you when he's with his friends than he has huge self confidence problems.

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I think you'll just have to accept that guys and girls are different! On the whole, men don't generally like talking about their feelings in front of each other in the same way girls do! It's just differences like the way guys can sit around, have a few beers and watch a football match, while girls will see nothing interesting about it!


It's because guys are different from girls that you hetero-sexual girls love us so much! If we were the same, you wouldn't like it...


Just accept it and don't let it bother you

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Your right though you probably will never understand it. Just like we don't understand the need to have hundreds of shoes, the need to be texting everyone every second, or why you guys tend to say "OH MY GOD!" every 5 seconds lol.


For the record, I have about 6 pairs of shoes, text maybe twice a week, and don't say oh my god more than once every couple of hours or so.


Women aren't that hard to understand when taken individually.

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