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Just Don't know what to do with myself

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As this new school year begins I find myself in a familiar situation. All my friends are going back to school and I'm stuck in my hometown. I go to school part time and live in my house and i hate every minute of it.


The problem with this situation is every second I'm stuck in the town I feel like i'm dying. I usually have no one to hang out with. Even when my friends are around none of them understand me anyway. I have trouble meeting new people in my classes cause I'm so far out of the way. I just hate it hear but I just don't feel confident enough to do anything about it. Thus I get depressed and so a cycle begins that just won't stop.


I feel like the only place I'll be happy is if I get my act together and get to college full-time (anywhere but here) but I just don't get up and do it. Its like I sit down to do things and immediately after I look for ways to distract myself.


Can anyone give me tips on how to get some more confidence or just tips to motivate yourself?

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Why do you go to school part time?


Are the other kids also in your town?


As for finding people to relate to in a small town, well that i can understand, in a big city, even if you like something really odd, there is enough people that you will find someone with the same interest.


As for motivation, well thats a tough one, you feel trapped, and dont think its even worth the trouble wasting time with this people that are not on your wavelength.


have you ever thought of maybe doing a student exchange thing? or maybe you have relatives in another place that you can stay with and study somewhere else.


I know the internet is a poor substitute for real people, but at least you can chat with people that have your same interest.


just remember, that this moment in time will pass. if you cant get out of there by the above ways, why not save up some money, and do some traveling, get out , stretch those legs, im not sure what it is you like, so I cant suggest places, but no matter what your interest, there is a place somewhere that will be right up your alley.


As for motivation, dont try and do a whole lot all at once, just do it bit by bit. just try something new even if its something simple, set a goal, an easy one, and do it, then next time, make the goal a bit bigger. after a time your goals will become projects and plans.

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