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I know it has been asked before...

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Has anyone else been woking or sitting at home and think they are fine and the all of a sudden, the anxiety pokes at your heart and you feel as if you just lost your ex? Or, you just want to cry or just start feeling bad, from out of the blue?


What the hell is that? I was sitting at work and then WHAM, I got hit with the feeling that she had just broken up with me and wondering why was she with this new guy again.


Listen, I know this is going to happen and I know we were together far too long (13.5 years) for me to heal overnight, but that feeling I had, feeling just like I did before, was horrible.

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It happens to me all the time, its a horrible feeling. I get my self to be strong, say he doesn't deserve me, but then an hour later im a mess, and wondering how i could be replaced so fast. My problem though is my ex calls and im there, i need to change this! I left his house this morning, and as soon as I was gone, the other girl showed up at his place. Ive decided to just stop taking his calls and texts

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CheatedOn: AMEN. I too just talk to her and make her laugh and let her have a good ol time, while I just get to sit around and be lonely. NOPE! No more! Kudos for me though, cause I did not take her call on V-Day (of course I wondered if I should have, all night long).


I know...


D: Man, I just read your thread and I hope it turns out for me, the same way, in that I can get stronger and realize there is someone else out there for me. How sweet is that...??? Your thread helped me alot. Thank you for keeping the journal.

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yeah, the human heart and mind plays tricks like that sometimes...


i've had it happen even when i'd been feeling really strong and fine... grief and loss just takes a while to all percolate to the surface, and those little bubbles of remembrance and anxiety just bubble up sometimes out of nowhere.


the good news is that its just a bubble, and over time, it happens less and less, until one day you realize it doesn't happen anymore and you are just fine!

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