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why does this guy talk about the weather


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I am not by nature a very talkative person. I can certainly hold up a conversation about topics that interest me, but those topics are rarely the ones women find worth talking about. My last significant other would somehow take offense and get angry when I had nothing to talk about, because she believed it meant I didn't want to talk to her, when really I just had nothing to say and was enjoying the company.


I would imagine this fellow is in a similar situation. If he doesn't have anything to talk about, why don't you talk? Ask about his interests and listen. It is not fair to rely on other people to hold up the entirety of a conversation.

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Customers at my place of work CONSTANTLY talk about the weather. Almost every person. It's just something to talk about. You can easily start talking about it at any time, and to be honest, most times it does branch off into other things... like the snow, for example. People talk about skiing. Then they talk about this time they were skiing and some aspect of it. Then that leads into some other conversation. You can do that with other topics, but the weather is so easy.

I never ever bring up the weather though, because of this! Because I am so sick of talking about it after so many customers all day long especially!


But don't worry about it... don't be insulted by it... be happy to know he does want to continue to talk to you. He could absolutely say, "hey got to go," and blame the fact there's nothing to talk about on you. He is trying... definitely worth something there. When I didn't know what else to say to my boyfriend when we first started dating, I chose way more boring topics... ugh.

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I've noticed that some people, perhaps nervous or insecure people, or maybe domineering people (like my mom) feel the need to have continual conversation. Why good topics run dry, they'll resort to anything.


I personally enjoy silence more than boring conversation. There is nothing wrong with interludes of silence. Like when on a car trip with a friend or GF. Talking is nice sometimes, but other times silence is golden.


A car trip with my mom is hell because she never stops talking, and often talks about things I couldn't care less about, and about every 20 to 30 minutes she gives me a pop quiz to make sure I've been paying attention. It's agony that can go on for hours on a long road trip. Sometimes I'll fake sleep, unless of course she's really put me to sleep for real. It's very stressful to have someone force continual monolog on you, especially if it's about a subject that bores you. I can't ask her to stop and just be quiet because she'd go postal. She has a hair trigger temper.


However, she feels free to tell me she's not interested in something I want to talk about and she then tells me to be quiet. She's quite maddening actually, if trapped alone in a close proximity with her for an extended period of time. When others are present, she's not so bad. When not in car with her, she's OK. In some ways she's nice, but this particular quality of her has been a life long misery for me. Luckily I seldom travel alone in a car with her anymore.


So I think I can understand the OP's complaints times ten.

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Is he British?! Sorry, just a little stereotypical self-deprication there. But maybe he just doesn't want to make it awkward with nothing to say, so whenever he has nothing to talk about he just talks about the things around him. I kinda do that; I've got quite a good sense of humour (and as you can see, ego!) so if the conversation drys up I always look around me for things to laugh about or make jokes about.

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What I normally do is situations like that is say something so outragous, that people don't wanna go there again. I used to have a supervisor that was bad for saying "This is how we did it in Florida." He said it constantly, to everyone. I could have said "this isn't Florida" like everyone else, but no. I said, "So what, Florida is shaped like a &%^&%!!!!" That was the last time I heard him say anything about Florida.


Perhaps a remark like "I see some thunder in your future" will get the point accross.

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