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I just want to go live in a forest...


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Honestly I dont think theres any point for my life anymore. Ive tried so hard throughout the years just to try and fit in to please people and it never has worked. Constantly ive been ignored or looked down upon to the point in which there isn't any better word than describing myself as being invisible. So I have just given up, I have stopped trying to please people and just done whatever the hell I felt like but than that outsider type of lifestyle in the end can take its toll after a while. Sure I can say ive had the handful of friends or so but then this always varies being that at one point they can be on o.k friend to the point where they are just ignoring you as well. In all seriousness I have no idea what to do, I can't get a girlfriend let alone trustworthy friends. Maybe it is that I am shy, or maybe im weird? I have no clue. But rather than do something stupid I have decided to vent my frustration off here. Who knows sometimes I even feel as if I should be living in a forest away from the ones who do not understand me, let alone that I cannot understand..


Sorry for the rant anyhow

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Well that's fantastic and absolutely great news. Because it means you improved spiritually. Instead of caring what others think of you, you have become your own judge,jury and executor. You've finally realised that you don't need others to validate your own existence.


Replacing wanting others to understand you, with understanding yourself.


What you now need to prevent is turning into a hermit. You see becoming a hermit isn't good. Its natural for people to intereact with eachother. Ask yourself, what has being shy ever gave you for reward? Zero so trash it.


And when it comes to feeling depressed of having no gf, show you have a life of your own instead, independent of a gf. Never cling on another person, you can love them but you can't own them. Bring the power of your life back where it belongs, namely in YOUR hands.


Don't blame your parents. Don't blame god. You are responsible for who you are. If you want to change who you are, Just Do It!. Blaming your genes or your invisible friend and continuing to live the lifestyle you hate will get you nowhere. Accept that you dug the hole you are in, now you've gotta pull yourself out of it if that is indeed what you want to do.


Lazyness is the cause of failures. He who takes the initiative , wins!!!


You have to give more meaning to your meaningless life. Because you are the source of your own unhappyness. Stop allowing other people to mold you into something that you should not be.


You know just join a band and play on your guitar, and you fit right in.

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By the age of 17 I had found out who I was, a societal outsider. The next part of my life was spent weeding through all the chuckleheads and dividing out the few cool people I felt like hanging with. That's where I see you now, in the beginnings of that secondary life stage. This is when you start to get power and independence and control over your own affairs, and can choose who you want to have around you. It's really not a bad position to be in.

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