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I think, i'm in love..


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Well not long, I knew her about couple months. Yes, i want to ask her for a first date and so on..etc



If you REALLY know her well enough to be "in love" with her, then you know her well enough to ask her out... And what do you mean by asking her out? like on a first date or do you mean the whole being exclusive to eachother talk?
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hi southern girl,

i'm southern guy, i just move to the state last year from kingdom of cambodia well i don't know, if i ask her out to soon, i might get reject and other hand might lost our friendship.. what do u think? I apologize guys for my poor english, still learning you know..](*,)



Love is a wonderful feeling isn't it?


Do you mean out on a date or do you mean the 'lets not see other people' talk?


How soon is early?

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You're pretty safe in asking her out. Just ask if she wants to go grab some dinner and see what happens from there... Do not, under any circumstance, tell her you love her. If you feel that way for someone you haven't even dated, it's probably a little bit premature and if you tell her that, she'll think you're either a freak or a player trying to get in her pants. Hold off a few months before saying something like that unless she says it first.


Grab some dinner with her and then go do something fun, don't put a title on it, just see what happens.

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I sure will ask her for a date..!

You think your in love with her and you've not even dated her ?


You don't love her, you fancy her, your attracted to her. Be a man and just ask her for a date. we all have to do it. Just do it. But don't MENTION the "L" love

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