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RE: "A question for the guys..........."

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I would ask her to "not" shave ... but that is just my "thing".


As an added bonus I don't have to worry about "one slip" and her needing to find a new man.


Ladies ... don't you secretely have to stiffle a burst of laughter at the mere thought of a guy droping his pants and there he is all fresh shaved except for the red welts from razor burn. Probably saluting you with nothing but his socks on! Can you really keep a straight face then?

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lol you arent usually supposed to shave the top section clean, thats where you get bumps and it looks abnormal anyway.


Simply shave it to about 1/4" or 1/2" on the top then you can shave the bottom situation clean.


This is how I handle it.


Just be careful and take your time around the franks n beans, another helpful hint is to never use a brand new razor......use one that you have shave your face with at least twice as it dulls the blade just enough to make it easy and less scary.

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