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Hey, bananas... I don't think you should necessarily feel ashamed for questioning your existence. Many millions before you have done the same, including some of the brightest minds ever known. To follow through on suicidal thoughts, though... that would be BEYOND unhealthy. It would rob you of any chance at future happiness as well as permanently damaging the lives of probably more of the people around you than you realize, and that makes it an irrational and valueless decision when viewed in the cold light of day.


Get a new partner. Move to another part of the world. Change your life if it makes you unhappy, but don't end it, because we only get one each and there is no do-over. Feel me?

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As I've said somewhere before - its not unhealthy, but its not necessary. As humans we can physically overcome pretty much everything - we just need the willpower to do so. I wont coo over your situation because I can see from the fact you've had the guts to post in here that you have your head screwed on. Just talk to us a little more.

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hi - I don't think you should commit suicide. yes, life is painful at times and relationships can be painful also. I am sorry your partner cheated on you. But try to imagine a better life. Break up with your partner, and just be on your own. can you imagine having a fun, adventurous life by yourself? Maybe someday you'll want to date again, but there is no law saying you MUST be in a relationship. I know plenty of people that are single and happy. and there is a lot of good in being single. no one to yell at you to pick your socks off the floor, you can make purchases without anyone questioning you, etc......


keep talking to us.

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The point in saying you could move is that you're free to do whatever you need to get right again. Suicide will only prevent you from healing and finding a more honorable girl who will love only you and who won't betray you when your back is turned. Isn't that what you REALLY want?


Don't let this one painful experience make you lose faith in all of humanity - most of us aren't as bad as all that. There are millions and millions of good females out there; what's to stop you from connecting with one? Not a damn thing.


Time will set you back on your feet, bananas. Just be patient. Maybe someday you'll even be able to use what you're learning from hitting bottom now to help save someone who goes through the same thing later... ya dig?

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Yo dude.


There was a reason your partner sought another person. It could be something you have done, or it something she herself have problems with. But, keep in mind that there was a point in time where she made the commitment to be with you. Get out a sheet of paper, or think aloud of why she committed herself. Keep these traits in mind. Next think of why she would commit this disloyalty. (Please keep this to at a mutual level and don't blame yourself for everything.) Once you have this what I call 'evaluation' done,


you just completed a list of what to bring in your next partner (Theres plenty, and if you can make one woman love you, there is a thousand others who will also love you). Also, now you know some flaws; maybe in yourself that you can change in your next commitment. Also, if you were not to blame -- then make sure to lookout for things that the next one that could lead up to disloyalty.


^^ I hope this make sense, give or take.


Think of a break up or leaving your partner -- (and disloyalty is a very valid reason to leave), as going up a staircase. After a break up, you are one step closer to the person who you are meant to be.


Please keep us in touch on how you feel and suicide should never be the answer.


-Thanks for reading my post.

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